The most effective, recommended, safe, legal and best pills / drugs for the treatment of Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction / Erection problems / Premature ejaculation / Prostate Problems / Problems with sexual health:

Questions and answers

What is the best, secure, legal and safe place on the Internet to buy Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra?

Congratulations! You found it!

Where are produced generics Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra?

The main manufacturer is India

Which of the drugs Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra has the best price?

The best price have generics Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra. Generics are becoming popular in Europe and around the world. We do not recommend to buy too cheap drugs via the Internet (Online).

Can I buy Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra without a prescription?

Yes, you can make an order via Internet in the online pharmacy.

How to buy Viagra, Levitra, Kamagra, Cialis online safely?

There are always a risk, nobody is insured from forgery. But the site that offers to buy well known drugs must have a phone number to which you can call and get all the necessary information. If you make an order in online pharmacy for the first time, then do not buy a big pack at once. Do not exceed the dosage and watch your health. If there is no positive effect of the drug within three days, then this drug may be not real. If you feel worse, consult a doctor and refrain from buying in that pharmacy. Leave a positive or negative feedback, comments about online pharmacy for other buyers.

What is Viagra (Sildenafil)?

Viagra is a proven and reliable drug that enhances male sexual function, helping to live a full sexual life.

Is Viagra (Sildenafil) a sexual stimulant?

NO VIAGRA IS NOT a stimulant. Everything happens naturally. Viagra works just when necessary, but not when there is no need in it.

I want to buy Viagra, Levitra, Kamagra, Cialis without prescription in online pharmacy. How do I choose the best and safest pharmacy from hundreds presented on the Internet?

Now in the Internet is carried out the strict control of illegal online pharmacies. Chance to stumble on counterfeit production is very small. However, it is not worth to choose the pharmacy with too low prices for medicines like Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis and Levitra.

What is the mechanism of action of Viagra?

Viagra causes the expansion of the arteries and more blood flow into the penis. Viagra shows its effect in the presence of sexual arousal, in the absence of it an erection does not arise. At the end of sexual intercourse erection naturally ceases. The action of Viagra is not associated with the effect on sexual desire or hormones.

How it is possible to buy Viagra (Sildenafil) without a prescription?

Viagra is available over the Internet in the online pharmacies. Before taking Viagra you should consult with your doctor.

Where can I get more detailed information on Levitra, Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra?

A more detailed description of the products and the latest news can be found on the official websites of manufacturers, medical blogs and forums, social networks and specialized pages on the Internet.

What are different versions and equivalents of Viagra, Levitra, Kamagra, Cialis?

There are many different versions of these drugs: Viagra Super Active, Viagra Professional, Generic Cialis, Generic Cialis Daily, Generic Cialis Soft, Generic Female Cialis, Kamagra® Oral Jelly, Kamagra Effervescent, Kamagra® Soft, Generic Levitra Oral Jelly, Generic Levitra Soft, Trial Packs, Generic Viagra Capsules, Tadacip®, Viagra Super Force, Avana®, Caverta®, Eriacta®, Intagra®, Silagra®, Vigora® and others ….

In what way and to what countries online pharmacies carry out the delivery of Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra, Viagra?

Delivery by post and courier. Delivery to Europe and around the world: (fast delivery/overnight shipping/worldwide delivery/one day shipping/fast shipping/delivery international/same day delivery/2 day shipping/delivery two day/quick shipping/express delivery/europe delivery/free shipping/quick delivery/3 day shipping/international shipping/home delivery/overnight delivery/shipping from europe/delivery next day/free shipping worldwide/express shipping) United States of America (USA): (New York, Miami, Detroit, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Minneapolis, Fresno, Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago, Indianapolis, San Jose, San Antonio, Houston, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Austin, Columbus, San Diego, El Paso, San Francisco, Boston, Fort Worth, Portland, Albuquerque, Denver, Seattle, Long Beach, Memphis, Baltimore, Charlotte, Virginia Beach, Milwaukee, Sacramento, Kansas City, Arlington, Colorado Springs, Oakland, Nashville, Tucson, Mesa, Omaha, Raleigh, Wichita, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Tulsa, Washington, Cleveland, Louisville), United Kingdom (UK) or Britain/England, Virgin Islands, Swaziland, San Marino, Netherlands Antilles, Slovakia, Madagascar, Solomon Islands, Norfolk Island, South Georgia, México, Slovenia, Guam, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Turks And Caicos Islands, Tunisia, Congo, French Southern Territories, Virgin Islands, Belgium, Fiji, Cyprus, Monaco, United States of America (USA), Puerto Rico, French Guiana, Eritrea, New Zealand, Reunion, South Africa, U.S., Moldova Republic Of, Marshall Islands, Maldives, Northern Mariana Islands, Saint Kitts And Nevis, Finland, Australia, Saint Pierre And Miquelon, Philippines, British Indian Ocean Territory, Saint Lucia, Portugal, Svalbard And Jan Mayen, Jordan, Guadeloupe, Poland, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, Greenland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Austria, Chile, Saint Vincent And The renadines, Cook Islands, British, Brasil, Costa Rica, Panamá, Mayotte, Denmark, Turkey, Greece, France, French Polynesia, Saint Helena, Montenegro, Seychelles, Serbia, Martinique, Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands, Christmas Island, Haiti, Cayman Islands, Czech Republic, Bahamas, Netherlands, Timor-leste, Italy, Hungary, Sao Tome And Principe, Malta, Bermuda, New Caledonia, Japan, Canada, Croatia, Sweden, Egypt, Dubai, India

How effective is Viagra (Sildenafil)?

Viagra improve erection in 76% of cases.

Does Viagra (Sildenafil) increases the ability to a sexual act?

Yes. When using Viagra the number of successful sexual acts reaches six per month. 89% of partners noted an improvement of erection while taking Viagra.

Does Viagra (Sildenafil) make effect in severe erectile dysfunction?

Yes, up to 60% of men with serious erection disfunctions while taking Viagra evaluated erection as good or excellent.

What medications are most often used to treat erectile dysfunction?

The most effective, recommended, safe, legal and best pills/drugs for the treatment of Impotence/Erectile Dysfunction/Erection problems/Premature ejaculation/Prostate Problems/Problems with sexual health: Viagra / Sildenafil / 25 mg / 50 mg / 100 mg, Levitra / Vardenafil / 2,5 mg / 5 mg / 10 mg / 20 mg, Cialis / Tadalafil / 2,5 mg / 5 mg / 10 mg / 20 mg, Kamagra / Sildenafil – free sale without prescription in online pharmacies

Can I buy Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra with delivery to to Australia?

Yes. Delivery by post and courier. Delivery to Europe and around the world: Australia: Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast-Tweed Heads, Newcastle-Maitland, Cairns, Australian Capital Territory, Sunshine Coast, Canberra-Queanbeyan, Melbourne, Adelaide, Wollongong, Perth, Darwin, Ballarat, Albury-Wodonga, Hobart, Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Nowra-Bomaderry, Geelong, Launceston, Bunbury, Coffs Harbour, Hervey Bay, Shepparton-Mooroopna, Gladstone-Tannum Sands, Bowral-Mittagong, Bathurst, Bendigo, Wagga Wagga, Port Macquarie, Tamworth, Townsville, Orange, Warragul-Drouin, Devonport, Dubbo, Mackay, Traralgon-Morwell, Mildura-Wentworth, Albany, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Geraldton, Warrnambool, Busselton

What are the results of prolonged treatment?

97% of men taking Viagra for 2y.o. or more, note an improvement of erection.

I once took Viagra, but it had no effect. Does this mean that it does not suit me?

For most men Viagra works after the first or second dose. The best effect is observed after the third or fourth dose, so it is important to continue treatment. Of course, you should follow the advice of your doctor on the use of Viagra.

How fast starts to act and how long Viagra work?

Effects of Viagra starts after 30 minutes and lasts at least 4hours after administration.

I have heard that Viagra is bad for the heart.

Data from clinical trials (use of Viagra for> 11,000 patient-years placebo> 700 patient-years)
confirm the absence of increased risk of cardiovascular disease as a result of taking Viagra.

How often can I take Viagra?

Not more than once a day.

Can I buy Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra with delivery to in Canada?

Yes. Delivery by post and courier. Delivery to Europe and around the world: Canada: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Mississauga, Calgary, Hamilton, Quebec, Vancouver, Edmonton, Surrey, Winnipeg, City, Brampton, London, Laval, Markham, Vaughan, Longueuil, Halifax, Saskatoon, Windsor, Gatineau, Regina, Richmond Hill, Greater Sudbury, Sherbrooke, Burnaby, Burlington, Abbotsford, Barrie, Richmond, Kitchener, Trois-Rivières, Kingston, Oakville, Coquitlam, Lévis, Cambridge, Oshawa, St. Catharines, Saguenay

What are the contraindications for taking Viagra?

The presence of some serious diseases in which sexual activity is contraindicated: unstable angina, severe heart failure, severe liver failure, hypotension, recent stroke or myocardial infarction; retinal pigmentation, hypersensitivity to sildenafil or other component of Viagra.

A doctor of what specialty can prescribe Viagra?

Doctor in any specialty can do it, but primarily, urologist, sexologist, andrologist, endocrinologist and a cardiologist.

What dosages of Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Kamagra are available?

VIAGRA (Sildenafil) Generic / Pfizer / Original / Brand – doses: 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg
LEVITRA (Vardenafil) Generic / Bayer / Original / Brand – doses: 2,5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg
CIALIS (Tadalafil) Generic / Eli Lilly / Original / Brand – doses: 2,5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg

What effect has Viagra on practically healthy people?

Pfizer did not examine and does not intend to investigate the effect of Viagra in healthy people. Pfizer has developed this drug for the treatment of severe and fairly expressed pathological conditions. Namely on this basis, the company filed an application in the Office of the Food and Drug Administration, and in European management of evaluation and monitoring.

Tests on healthy people involves planning the sale of the drug to healthy people. According to the statements of the representatives of the company, Pfizer does not plan to do that. Viagra is designed for people suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Can I buy Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra with delivery to in the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain / England?

Yes. Delivery by post and courier. Delivery to Europe and around the world: (fast delivery/quick shipping/europe delivery/3 day shipping/home delivery/express shipping/overnight shipping/overnight delivery/delivery two day/quick delivery/shipping from europe/free shipping worldwide/2 day shipping/free shipping/same day delivery/one day shipping/worldwide delivery/delivery next day/delivery international/international shipping/fast shipping/express delivery) United Kingdom (UK) or Britain/England: (London, Belfast, Oxford, Armagh, Gloucester, Coventry, Lichfield, Edinburgh, Bradford, Aberdeen, Brighton & Hove, Bristol, Cardiff, Chester, Canterbury, Bangor, Birmingham, Bath, Dundee, Kingston upon Hull, Ripon, Leicester, City of London, Salisbury, Chichester, Cambridge, Ely, Carlisle, Preston, St Albans, Chelmsford, Lisburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham, Peterborough, Southampton, Exeter, Stoke-on-Trent, Lincoln, Derby, Glasgow, Derry, Perth, Wakefield, Swansea, Worcester, Lancaster, Newport, Leeds, Manchester, Stirling, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Wolverhampton, York, Sunderland, Truro, St Asaph, Winchester,  Wells, Salford, Sheffield, City of Westminster, Liverpool, Plymouth, St David’s, Newry, Norwich) Canada, France, Jordan, Australia, Fiji, Philippines, Denmark, Macedonia, Turkey, New Caledonia, Croatia, Japan, South Africa, British Indian Ocean Territory, Greenland, New Zealand, Chile, Svalbard And Jan Mayen, Sao Tome And Principe, Malta, Marshall Islands, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom (UK) or Britain/England, Maldives, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Portugal, Poland, Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands, Saint Vincent And The renadines, Netherlands Antilles, Czech Republic, Timor-leste, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Panamá, Italy, Finland, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Moldova Republic Of, India, Northern Mariana Islands, Christmas Island, Dubai, French Guiana, Norfolk Island, San Marino, Virgin Islands, Saint Kitts And Nevis, Monaco, Swaziland, Seychelles, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Polynesia, México, Montenegro, Haiti, Cyprus, United States of America (USA), Turks And Caicos Islands, Greece, French Southern Territories, Canada, Slovakia, Cook Islands, Mayotte, Saint Pierre And Miquelon, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Madagascar, British, Reunion, Netherlands, Sweden, Egypt, Austria, Belgium, Eritrea, Serbia, Switzerland, Saint Helena, U.S., Solomon Islands, Tunisia, Saint Lucia, Brasil, Norway, Slovenia, Hungary, Ireland, South Georgia, Congo, Guam

How to define sexual norm?

Otherwise, the question is, if the so-called practically healthy people take Viagra and feel improvement, they really can be considered healthy? Healthy is the one who can archieve and remain an erection, allowing himself to engage in sexual intercourse and successfully complete it. Since Viagra return to normal people who sufferers from erectile dysfunction, or at least provide shift in this direction, it is, by definition, has no effect on those who is initially “healthy.”

However, if the person who considers himself healthy takes Viagra and reveals improved erectile function, in fact he may suffer some erectile dysfunction, at least temporarily, and can not be considered healthy in the strict sense of this word. Therefore, the mass media have to be said that, by definition, “healthy” people do not need Viagra, and they do not get any benefit from it.

Does Viagra increase sexual desire?

The action of Viagra is based only on the local increase of blood flow to the cavernous body of of the penis, and it does not cause sexual desire. It does not increase the libido and is not an “exciting” means. Viagra just suppresses the action of the enzyme which affects blood flow in the penis. And for its actions is needed to be sexually aroused. In short, it aids the natural response of the organism to sexual stimulation. Clinical studies show the absence of desire strengthen in the group of patients treated with Viagra when compared with a control group of patients of the same age, treated with placebo without Viagra.

Does wife share the hope of her husband to return his youth?

We recommend your doctor first to find out the attitude of the patient to the treatment directly with him, and only then if is necessary with his sexual partner. However, clinical tests show that in normal conditions Viagra improves the quality of sexual life of partners of patients that take this drug. Furthermore, we know that in many countries, as strange as it may seen, the wife often first to go to the doctor. And in the United States, 80 percent suffering from ection disfunctions discuss this problem with their sexual partner before
the treatment.

Does Viagra help to preserve potency, even after drinking alcohol?

There is no data on the interaction with alcohol. However, since alcohol can hardly be considered means stimulating sexual activity, it is not recommended for use before taking Viagra. It can only frustrate the purpose proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed.

Drinking alcohol can cause to a temporary inability to achieve an erection. To get the maximum benefit from
medicines before taking Viagra is not recommended to use large amounts of alcohol.

If Viagra is safe and effective, why not sell it without a prescription?

Yes, clinical trials have proven the safety of Viagra. However, we know the manifestation of a certain drug interaction, especially with nitrates used in the treatment of heart diseases. Therefore, it is important to buy Viagra prescribed by a doctor, thoroughly familiar with the medical history of the patient.

How does it interact with other drugs?

In clinical trials, was found negligible interaction with other drugs or its complete absence. However, an exception to this rule are nitrates, which are mainly used in the treatment of heart disease. So Viagra is contraindicated for patients receiving treatment with nitrates.

The danger is a possible significant drop in blood pressure – hypotension. Viagra should not be taken with nitroglycerin and nitroglycerin-containing preparations of short and long action. Do not take Viagra with other drugs intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. If you are unsure whether to accept these medications, contact your doctor.

What long-term side effects has Viagra?

During the last five years, “Pfizer” carried out clinical trials, which involved patients who received Viagra for a long time – up to three years. When used correctly, the drug did not show any data, pointing to the danger of its use. There was only mild and transient side effects, not heavy and not lasting.

Viagra can cause some side effects. Usually they are slightly or moderately expressed and do not last long: sometimes the patient can have headache, facial flushing, heartburn, nasal congestion. At occurrence of adverse reactions inform your doctor. More than 90 clinical trials involving more than 8000 patients, confirmed the efficacy and safety of this medicine used in accordance with the instruction.

Does Viagra’s affect the ability to procreate?

Viagra itself does not affect fertility. However, in cases where disfunction of erection impede fertility in couples of childbearing age, Viagra may be helpful.

How effective is Viagra for women?

Viagra is designed for men. Experimental studies have been carried out, and now volunteers are invited for the further research. However, there are no results of these studies yet. Studies of women with sexual dysfunction are more difficult than for men. For them, there is still no established methodology.

Are there any age limits for taking Viagra?

Viagra is not indicated for persons under 18 years of age.

Viagra is a natural (vegetable) or synthetic product?

The active component of Viagra is sildenafil – synthetic substance.

What is the form of release Viagra?

Viagra is available in packs of 1 tablet of 50 or 100 mg; 4 tablets of 50 or 100 mg. There are also other forms of supply of Viagra.

What company manufactures Viagra?

Viagra is designed and manufactured by the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company in the world – Pfizer. The discovery of mechanisms made by scientists of this company to showed the way to the creation of Viagra, and was awarded with the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Currently other pharmaceutical companies started manufacturing cheaper and equally effective generic forms of Viagra.

Generic forms by its composition are absolutely identical to Viagra, they are produced under other brand names or under the name of the active ingredient – Sildenafil, and are much cheaper, because advertising expenses in the proportion of the cost of generic forms of preparations are generally substantially lower. A significant part of products supplied to the world market by pharmaceutical companies consists of so-called generic forms.

They have exactly the same effect as drugs sold under a well-known trade brands, given to them vy their inventor, since they have absolutely identical composition. All these drugs are generally cheaper because companies do not need to invest more money in advertising campaign aimed at the promotion of the drug.

Explain, generic drugs have the same effect as the original drug?

Generics have the same action as the original drug, as for their manufacture are used the same active substances. Is also worth noting that generic drugs have similar side effects and have the same contraindications, which branded drugs. Generics exist for a long time, because they are much more likely to buy than the original drug, even in America and Europe.

Many people say that original products are manufactured with the use of more modern equipment. Is it so?

It is not true. Generic as the original drug is an authorized medicine which is manufactured in compliance with all norms and standards of production. Generics are actively produced in many countries of the world, including Russia. Production of generic drugs is a separate area of the pharmaceutical industry.

Why is the price of generic drugs is much lower than the cost of the original product?

The fact is that the development of a unique new product is a costly and long procedure. At average research, laboratory experiments takes from 10-15 years of work and millions of dollars. However, most part of new products are ineffective, and to the market come only successful examples of drug. Naturally, you need to recoup manufacturing costs through one or two released products.

So the price of the original means are very high. In contrast, firms that produce generics does not carry any side plan costs. Their main task is to make an exact copy of the drug, which was more effective. Of course, the cost of generic drugs reduced significantly. As a rule, in the ranking of sold drugs generics occupy leading position.

Generic is an exact copy of the original drug?

In fact, if you look more closely at the composition of original and generic, it turns out that they are not identical copies: main active substance is the same, but the chemical admixture can be different. However, impurities has no effect in the therapeutic effect.

Is that truth that practically each drug has its generics?

Rather yes than no. An exception is the group of drugs for the treatment of AIDS and cancer, in which plays a special role almost every component.

I recently celebrated my 50th anniversary. For several consecutive years I noticed decreased sex attraction, thrills gone away, I could hardly achieve excitement. What drugs you can advise me considering my age?

In my practice of doctor-sexologist I met such cases, and I advise you to look for the main causes of low sexual desire and emotional sexual tone in the area of your relationship. 50 years is not the limit for male potency, although in some way age does affect the overall health. Probably you do not have the best relationship with your sexual partner, that affects the absence of sexual desire. For your age I recommend Levitra. Its effect is more easily tolerated by older men.

Tell me is it possible to take one more tablet of Viagra, if after the first one erection does not occurre?

Stimulant medication Viagra is effective in 80% of cases of problems with erectile dysfunction, so one tablet is enough for a stable potency. The main thing to remember is that Viagra will not work if there is no object, causing sexual arousal. If you do not have a desire to a partner not, no pills will correct the situation.

Taking of additional tablets of Viagra increases the load on the heart and is extremely undesirable for men in age or with cardiovascular diseases.

Tell me, if a man does not have problems with potency, but from time to time take stimulating drugs, like Viagra, will they have effect and couls they affect negatively “normal” erection. Thanks for answer.

Viagra and other drugs of stimulating action will be effective in this case. Adverse effects on “normal” male erection these drugs do not have.

I have some problems with erection because of the fear of failure in sex. Tell me, should I take Viagra, Cialis and Levitra to solve this problem or it will normalize in a natural way? What can you advise me?

Undoubtedly, fear of failure in sex is a problem of neurogenic plan and it can only be overcomed by formation of strong position to success. By the way, Viagra can provide in this plan considerable help, especially to young people, who just enter the sexually active life. It will be enough to take two or three times Viagra to feel more confident in sex and then the need for stimulants will disappear.

Does the use of Viagra or other drugs affect the sperm quality? Can I take Viagra during conception of child and could it affect the health of the future baby? Thank you.

Viagra has no effect on sperm quality and no adverse effects on the reproductive function.

Tell me, is it possible to use Viagra by the patient with insulin-dependent diabetes?

Of course, Viagra can be used with diabetes, but I would advise to stay at Levitra, which has better tolerability in patients with diabetes and a higher level of security than Viagra and Cialis.

How quickly occur the effect of Viagra 100 mg and how long it will continue? Tell me what dosages of this preparation are available?

The minimum dosage of Viagra is 25 mg. For many men, it is quite enough to take 50 mg for stable erection. The dose may be increased to 100 mg if there are no complications of tolerability. It is also possible to reduce the dose to 25 mg if there are complications when taking the drug. The dose of less than 25 mg will have no effect.


Generic medicines for impotence: what they differ from conventional drugs?

Recently quite naturally appears more persons willing to buy generic drugs in online pharmacies (including in our´s). This tendency is quite logical – generic drugs are the same as the originals. Say more – original products do not always justify the significantly inflated price on them and a famous name. While pharmacists mislead consumers, educated people prefer generics. Why they do that? This is an objective of this article.

What is Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra?

We immediately will dispel rumors that says that analogues (i.e. generics) are supposedly something questionable and not of very high quality. About generics can not be said that they are “adulterated or defective.” Actually they completely(!) repeat the composition of the original drugs, because are made exactly to international standards (otherwise they would not be allowed to the market). Doctors
– intelligent and educated people, and they would not advise patients counterfeit, which is in addition cheaper than the original!

Hence the conclusion – if generics, which are sold in a pharmacy were fake, they would long ago been removed from production and sales. But the situation shows the opposite – that such drugs to restore the potency are among the most effective and efficient! As evidence – millions of men satisfied with their sexual life after the beginning of the treatment course with such drugs.

Who produces generics and how do they differ from the original product?

First, on the market appears the original drug – the development of this drug takes years, plenty of time and effort. After the release of preparation is required time to introduce the product on the market and obtain a patent. Further, after the expiry of the patent protection, the company receives the right to produce the drug – comes into the world generic. And these analogues are available for purchase after the expiration of patent protection of their predecessor.

Of course for this drug do not cause harm to human health, it passes lot of tests. Say more – manufacturers of generic drugs have more fundamental quality control of drugs, because they are subject to greater demands and are often suspicious of the authenticity of the item, which immediately are fluttering after studying composition of the product. Moreover – for the manufacture of such drugs is used the same active substance as in the production of originals.

The main factor that puts generic drugs on a step above the original products is the price. The point is that production of generic preparations compared with the same patented analogs requires lower costs. Eventually, analogues are in no way inferior in quality to the originals, but the purchase of them is much cheaper!

The most effective drugs for potency: TOP of best products

How to begin treatment of problems with male potency? The first step is a consultation with a professional. The second and the main step – buy medicines for potency. Currently, there are a number of highly effective and affordable medicinal products intended for recovery of male power. These medicines will be discussed further.

So, the effective pills for potency are a whole range of drugs that can not only temporarily solve the problem, but also are fighting with the causes of their occurrence. And the reasons for the occurrence of such deviations can be many: hypothermia, age hormonal changes, lack of regular sex, problems of psycho-emotional character, and so on.

TABLETS for potency – Top 3 effective products

1. Generic Viagra. This is an absolute classical analogue of Viagra. Its action is based on the action of the active substance sildenafil. A big plus of this drug is that it does not affect the reproductive capabilities of men. The child who was conceived by a man who use generic Viagra is born absolutely healthy. The main advantage of generic Viagra is the optimal price, and at the same time the effectiveness of the drug is not lower than of its classical analogue.

2. Generic Cialis. The treatment of erectile dysfunction with this drug is also characterized by high efficiency. This drug affects muscles of the blood vessels of the penis, and increase blood flow at the same time. As a result a young man can be sure of long-term and high-quality erection. Muscles of the male penis naturally relax and fill with blood. This product is effective for a few hours. Another plus of generic Cialis is that it can be used in tandem with alcohol and junk food.

3. Generic Levitra. The effect of use of this drug is about 10-12 hours. In some patients the effect lasts more – it all depends on the individual abilities of the organism. In addition, these tablets are compatible with alcohol and fatty food.

From means which today offers medicine for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction, the most known are three drug – sildenafil citrate, tadalafil, and vardenafil hydrochloride. The first drug, sildenafil, is better known in the world as “Viagra”.


With the set of positive qualities its application has a number of significant disadvantages, in first place, the relationship of its effect on food intake and alcohol. But often dinner at the cafe with the object of your passion, is a prelude to sexual relations. In addition, the effect of Viagra is reduced if a man suffers from diabetes, hypertension, or in severe forms of erectile dysfunction. Moreover, Viagra has not long enough duration.


The later development of doctors, drug to increase potency – tadalafil that get the tradename “Cialis”. It has a longer half-life and its effectiveness in the fight against erectile dysfunction does not depend on alcohol and food. However, the duration of action of the drug, which is whiter than a day and that “Cialis” is issued in a dosage of 20 mg, when used, creates certain problems. Many men suffering from erectile dysfunction were not satisfied with these drugs, and for this reason was created a new means – vardenafil hydrochloride, named “Levitra”.

The most effective drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction


Clinical tests of Levitra showed that this drug is a highly effective, more than 80%, safe to use and most effective. Effects on the organism occurs after taking the drug orally after 20-30 minutes and lasts for 4-5 hours, that is optimal for most men. In addition, effects of the drug on does not have any side effects. “Levitra” today is the most effective preparation for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction, even
with daily intake. It is not affected by alcohol intake or food, the effect is not reduced by the presence of other diseases.

Proceeding from the results of research carried out among modern drugs to treat erectile dysfunction “Levitra” ranks first in efficiency.

Available in three doses, 20, 10 and 5 milligrams, the drug allow the most efficient use of its positive properties and allows the doctor to carry out the treatment and correction of therapy depending on the individual patient tolerability and the effectiveness of treatment with varying severity of erectile dysfunction.


What to do if the male potency fails? There is one rational way – buy pills for potency and obtain professional consultation of the expert. In both cases, we can easily help you. How? This will be discussed in this material.

Curative drugs for potency

Choosing medications for potency always start on what result you want to achieve and in what condition is your man’s health. Despite the apparent diversity of medicines, medicines that really effective are not a lot. Online pharmacies specially selected for you a range of high performance products that are accessible at price, sold without a prescription and are characterized by a wholly original origin.

Generic Viagra or Sildenafil Citrate is the most popular and effective means which combats the problem of impotence at any stage. It is also good for routine therapy for the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Generic Levitra – this medicine will help to remove the so-called “psychological block” and hedge a man in the case of alleged failure in bed. More insurance will provide agents with the prefix Soft. For Example, Generic Viagra Soft or Generic Cialis Soft.

Why the potency improves?

The improvement of potency while taking these medications clearly happen. The mechanism of action of these products is based on the relaxation of the so-called smooth muscle cells. This leads to blood flow and a marked expansion of the cavernous bodies.

Medicinal preparations block phosphodiesterase enzyme in the organism, and there is a resilient erection that will last during all sexual intercourse. Please note that the listed effective drugs for potency – Viagra, Levitra, Cialis can be used “if necessary” or else within the course of treatment. At the same time the effect of these products commensurate with the level of sexual activity – the more active man behaves in bed, the stronger the effect of these drugs.

Order these and other pills for potency yous can through the Internet in online pharmacies. Choose the product you like, read reviews, recommendations, and make a purchase! The sooner you start your treatment, the sooner you feel the result.

What is sildenafil?

Sildenafil is a drug to increase potency, which is not much different from the popular thanks to the promotion by advertising American Viagra. According to experts, both drugs are part of the group “Preparations for the treatment of erectile dysfunction”. Moreover, the composition includes Viagra silednafil citrate. So more and more persons willing to resolve their problems of an intimate nature decide to buy sildenafil, which is cheaper than promoted Viagra, and by its effectiveness these two products are not different.

Characteristics of sildenafil citrate

Initially the sildenafil citrate in its pure form, like Viagra, was intended to improve blood flow in the myocardium and treatment of coronary heart disease, angina. However, in the early ’90s, thanks to clinical tests, it has been revealed that the product has a major impact on blood flow to the pelvic region.

Sildenafil increases the amount of blood that flows to the penis. It helps a man to call a natural erection. This drug, like many other medicines to restore potency, acts exclusively with natural sexual arousal.

When sildenafil is effective?

Note that sildenafil is effective only with the erectile dysfunctions, which are based on vascular problems. In other cases, its efficiency is low.

The optimal dosage of sildenafil citrate

Sildenafil citrate is taken orally approximately 1 hour before planned sexual intercourse. A single dose is – 50 mg. However, in some cases, a single dose can be increased to 100 mg or reduced to 25 mg. It depends on the degree of the neglect of sexual dysfunction and individual characteristics of the organism.

The maximum single dose of sildenafil is 1 time per day. However, for older men over the age of 65 years and for men with violations of renal function or liver, experts recommend to limit the dose to 25 mg per day.

Conclusions about the effectiveness of sildenafil citrate

Thus, sildenafil, like Viagra, provides blood flow to the pelvic region, and leads to a quality erection. Taking into account minimum side effects and optimal dosage, this preparation can be considered highly effective.


According to the World Health Organization, every 10th man after the age of 20 years have impotence. After 30 years, the number of young people with such problems is doubled, and after 60 years such problems with the functioning of the sexual organs are found in every third man.

Experts recommend in such cases take emergency measures: contact the experts and buy viagra – really effective means which made a revolution in the treatment of male impotence!

The most common problems in dealing with that the treatment of Viagra can help – is short or too long sexual intercourse, decreased libido, premature ejaculation, decreased quality of erections, etc.

Please note that from such problems is not insured any man. As leading urologists say, the main causes of sexual impotence are chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, smoking, alcohol abuse, psychological problems, heredityecology. A frequent medication that lower blood pressure or anti-depressants does not go without leaving a trace – almost every third man who was treated by such drugs, have irregularities in the reproductive system.

The treatment of impotence – is, first of all, emergency measures. You should not rely only on drugs or the time that “cure.” The first thing to do is to consult a specialist of this profile. And the second – begin treatment with medications, when it is revealed the cause of the disease.

Manufacturers of medical products offer modern techniques, which are based on taking of he respective medicinal means. Viagra in this case is a leader, because this product for decades was saving entire generation of young people from sexual impotence.

Means for increasing potency are only good for a reasonable use. Viagra really cope with impotence, making erections more resilient and sexual intercourse longer. In addition, taking medication does not affect the activity in bed – the man can easily change poses, experiment, and sometimes satisfy several partners at a time (yes, it also happens!).

With Viagra the development of erection takes much less time, significantly increases the sensitivity of the penis. In short, Viagra is able to enhance the pleasure that now you will get all the time!

Erectile dysfunction (ED) – how to treat?

The causes of sexual dysfunctions in men

Erectile dysfunction is a disease of the sexual sphere, which are exposed to more and more men. Studies carried out by doctors in many countries show alarming numbers.

During the sexual arousal of men, his brain sends impulses to the nerve endings of the penis. This causes the expansion of cavernous bodies, that are located on the edges of the penis and its arteries. Due to the expansion of the cavernous bodies in the penis increases the blood flow that causes an erection. If a man is diagnosed with “erectile dysfunction”, it means that the above processes are either not work or work at half strength.

To sexual dysfunction are exposed men of all ages, including teenagers. In younger men, aged 20-30 years, erectile dysfunction or ED is associated with psychogenic reasons. In this case, the solution can be visit to the sexologist-psychologist.

It is known that more than 150 million men around the world have been exposed to this unpleasant disease. According to disappointing forecast of scientists, in the next quarter-century this number may double. Reasons for this sad statistics are many factors. An important role in this plays a steady increase in risk factors of ED – Diseases of cardio-vascular system, diabetes. Also an important role in the development of this disease play common in our time aspects:

  • excessive exercise
  • chronic fatigue and stress
  • unhealthy diet
  • various neurological disorders

Who falls into danger zone?

All of this also contributes to the appearance and development of problems with a male potency. A special place in the list of causes of disease take the abuse of alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances, smoking. According to the US doctors, even healthy men who have nicotine dependence plunge themselves at risk of erectile dysfunction.

Scientists note that long ago was established link between smoking and decreased potency. However, if earlier it was believed that only risk men with high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar levels, it is now added a smoking. The experiment, with the participation of more than 40,000 healthy men showed the risk of sexual dysfunction in healthy smokers men.

Due to the constant growth of these factors can manifest a temporary disorder of potency of men. Also one of the causes of erectile dysfunction may be the sexual partner – a woman, but it is more the psychological aspect of this disease. The sad thing is that no man is safe from this ailment, but the good news is that this problem can be avoided and the main thing – you need to do it.

From all said above follows that a violation of the natural rhythm of life, the presence one or another disease can serve as male sexual dysfunction. The main thing to do is not to fall into depression, and when the first symptoms appear look for the cause and begin treatment. Modern medicine divides erectile dysfunction into two types.

As a rule, most men, have periods when there are problems with achieving and maintaining sexual arousal. The reason for such a state can be the fatigue, alcohol abuse, excessive exercise, stress, sleep disturbance.

During the time of occurrence of sexual dysfunction do not worry too much, but it is strongly recommended to pay attention to the factors that led to the emergence of the disease.

Much more dangerous are recurring or persistent incidents of this disease. This form of the disease often leads to the rejection of a sexual life or does not let to carry it at all. Anyway, the problem should be taken seriously and you should immediately consult a specialist. Timely treatment will be the key to the successful elimination of the disease.

In our time, this disease is treated by a variety of methods developed over the years. For the treatment is used surgery, medications, ointments, herbs and other folk remedies. The main part of the successful phenomenon is still timely visit to a doctor. Insure the problem is impossible, but if you take appropriate action in time, the disease is easier to cure.


Before buy Viagra, in many of us arise all sorts of questions about the effectiveness and peculiarities of this drug. In this article we will answer all the most important questions that are relevant for those who are wishing to start a course of treatment of impotence with this product.

1. What is the composition of Viagra?

The part of this preparation is one active ingredient – sildenafil, which increases blood circulation in the small pelvis and thus positively affects the erection. Each tablet contains 100 mg of sildenafil.

2. In what Viagra generic drug is differ from the classical one?

The composition of the generic, which is sold in online pharmacy is completely identical to the composition of the traditional Viagra. This is not amazing! Read a lot of literature and articles, which clearly states – generic drugs are not inferior to the classical analogues, and sometimes even surpass by its effectiveness!

3. Viagra – a drug or a simple means of treatment to improve erection?

Numerous studies stipulate that Generic Viagra is a complete medicine that patients are prescribed by doctors, and which has a positive effect on the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

4. How to take your medicine correctly?

1 capsule is taken by the patient 1 hour before sexual intercourse. The active ingredient Sildenafil starts to act in the organism after only 45-50 minutes. The effect of Viagra will continue for 5-7 hours.

5. What features of action has this drug?

Erection in men can occur only during sexual arousal. The drug is well tolerated in the first and repeated taking, but there are exceptions.

6. What side effects have Viagra?

As any other drug, Viagra has a number of side effects. For example, light-headed, short-term visual disturbances, redness on the body, nausea. You should remember that these side effects pass rapidly, and in most cases do not occur. There is no need to sound the alarm, feeling a little dizzy. Focus on the intimacy, partner and you will not notice discomfort and forget about it.

7. Does Viagra addictive?

Thousands of studies have shown that Viagra is not addictive. You can use it once or several times, and after that use other drugs or even refuse to take such products. Do not confuse treatment with Viagra and bad habits that are actually addictive. These are radically different things!

8. What is the price of Viagra?

All depends on how many tablets do you need. To be aware of the price, look at the product catalog, find Viagra and check its price.

Hundreds and thousands of men have already solved the problem of sexual dysfunction by ordering Viagra. Now it’s your turn. Take Action! Leave a feedback on the effects of the drug in the corresponding section of online pharmacy!

How to choose the right drugs for potency?

Practice shows that recently there are more and more men willing to buy drugs for potency. And it is true!
Why suffer, tolerate discomfort, wait, if the problem can be solved easily and efficiently.

According to statistics, every other modern man aged from 30 years, suffers problems in sexual plan. Many young men do not pay attention to the weakening of erection, believing it in the order of things. And in vain, because the main method, which helps to restore potency, it’s the same treatment! And treatment with the properly selected medications!

What is an improvement of potency?

The improvement of potency should be complex and phased. Moreover, these means must be prescribed by professionals. Experts in the field of male sexual health recommend the use of proven products. Namely these ones – Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, Generic Levitra, as well as various sets of generics. These means to increase potency are recommended by professionals. They complies with the highest quality criteria.

Admit that the improvement of potency is the prerogative of medicines, and means listed above are just these effective medications.

Tablets for potency have several advantages:

  • They are safe for health
  • Not addictive
  • They can be used regularly, and on the occasion
  • Tablets for potency have adequate price
  • Clinical studies prove that these drugs restore natural erection in 90% of cases. This is a real result
  • Natural potency, quality treatment and a full sex life with no restrictions

The choice of drugs for potency

As practice shows, the majority of men when choosing medicine for the treatment of impotence buy only one tablet and make conclusions on the results of this mini-test. Ideally, before you start taking drugs, you should be examined and be completely sure that with the selected drug in the future you will get the most approach.

Do not be afraid of side effects, they are natural and tolerated. For example, when taking Viagra can be observed headache, redness of face and body. Side effects of Cialis are nasal congestion and nonessential joint pains as can occur with delayed onset muscle soreness. When you take Levitra can be observed slight nasal congestion and fever.

Thus, when selecting a drug for treating sexual dysfunction, it is necessary to be examined by a doctor, obtain professional advice and choose a quality product. Buy pills for potency is better in checked place.


To solve the problems with potency, is not enough just to buy Viagra. To get a perfect result you need to know how to take Viagra correctly to achieve the desired effect. In this case, we will help by providing you some practical advices.


So, as the instructions for use of Viagra say, to get the desired effect, the cherished tablet should be taken at least 60 minutes before the supposed intimacy with a partner.

The second rule – you should adhere to the dosage that was prescribed by a doctor. This is 1 tablet (50 mg) – a single dose. But depending on the desired effect and condition of the patient, the dosage may be increased to two tablets (100 mg). There are some cases where it is possible to manage with half a tablet. In any case, always start with a half of pill, and after that a dose can be increased.

Viagra begins to act after 30 minutes after it is taken. Instructions for Viagra pills says that the average duration of its effect is about 4 hours.

We would also like to note that the mere use of Viagra is not the cause of erection. There must be a subject to excitation, and, if it is available, the effect of the drug is not long to wait.

The instructions to Viagra also indicates the fact that this product is better not to mix with alcohol or fatty foods that slow the action of the drug. Practice also shows that alcohol in reasonable doses is compatible with Viagra. However, if you do not want to risk, you can always choose a compatible alcohol analog. For example, Generic Cialis.

However, there are moments when the use of Viagra by instructions does not bring results. In such cases, specialists recommend change medication or pass a few tests to find the most compatible cure for the treatment of impotence in this case.

How to treat psychological problems of erection?

Psychological problems of erection are is quite common among men. Many men often feel a sharp, spontaneous decrease of erection.

And the reasons for this disorder often lie in psycho-emotional state of a young man. Problems with business, in relationships with the opposite sex, depression, daily stresses – all this, somehow affect potency. And sometimes even a simply option to buy Viagra and make love to a woman does not help.

Psychological erectile dysfunction often occurs on the first date, when the young man really wants to please their partner. The desire to satisfy a woman is so great that erection problems can cause such seemingly small things like bad posture, fear of appearing incompetent, inexperienced, tense atmosphere, noise, etc.

There are even precedents when the psychological causes of impotence feels couple that lived for several years.There is no surprise – old feelings have faded away, a man is trying to get everything back as it was before, but his attempts are futile … Instead to ignite the former fire of passion and try to change something in relations, a partner withdraws into himself, plunged into depression, and one-on-one with the problem continues to experience complexes …

Indeed, such a picture occurs when a young man can not have sex with the same woman, when he is not experiencing difficulties in the intima with different partners.

The most common cause of so-called psychological impotence is the fear of unwanted pregnancy, fear of contracting diseases that can be transmitted through sexual contact.

What is the treatment of psychogenic impotence?

The treatment of psychogenic impotence should start with consultations with sexologist. A few important tips: try not to pay attention to fiasco in bed – it is quite normal for a healthy man. Reconsider your lifestyle, get enough rest, sleep, eat well, minimize the use of alcohol, give up smoking, visit swimming pool and gym.

It is very important to have the desire to solve the problem and not be afraid to look into the eyes of the difficulties. Next, that recommend specialists is to take the help of generics. For example, buy Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, to help the body. In this case, the use of these agents have rather preventive than therapeutic purposes. For own calm purchase these drugs privately, online pharmacies.


Does generic drugs have the same as the original drugs?

Yes, their effect is similar to the original, because they contain the same set of substances as the original. Unfortunately, side effects of generic drugs are the same as of the original ones. Because, the fact that generic drugs are different from the original only by their price they are undoubtedly entitled to be present in modern medicine.

They are more likely to acquire even in these seemed to be prosperous countries like the United States and Sweden. Generics are the same preparation thet only differ from the original by price, and its quality is not inferior to the original drug.

I’ve heard that the originals of modern medicines are produced with more modern equipment, and thereby their cost is much higher. Is this true?

No, it is not true. Generic drug, like the original, is made according to all established parameters and norms required by modern legislation. They also comply with all hygienic standards of producing countries, which, in its turn are subjected to a supervising single authority, that controls the process of manufacture of generics.

Generics – is a separate area of the pharmaceutical industry and in their release are actively involved in all pharmacists all over the world, including in Russia.

The price of generic is much lower to the original drug price and the quality is said to be the same. How to explain this?

Development of a new high-quality product takes from 15 up to 20 years, and research activities at the same time affects many, it would seem, not even medical industries. As experience shows 90% of all new products on the market are ineffective and can not survive on the market. Consequently, millions of investments “fly into the pipe.”

And these costs are often compensated by a single successful development, and in many cases by increasing its selling price. And firms producing generics do not have such expenses. Their main purpose is only to repeat qualitatively what has already been created and tested on the market.

Hence, the lower price of Viagra. According to statistics, at the head of the list of top-selling drugs rarely can be meet the name of original drug. All the “first places” are occupied by generics.

Do I understand correctly that a generic is a duplicate of the original drug?

Not really. A detailed examination of the chemical composition shows that they can not be called duplicates, because they have only a general “therapeutic core”, and all other related substances may vary. On the curative effect this difference in admixtures does not affect in any way. They are merely a composite binder and an auxiliary element of the drug.

Which medicines have their generics?

Almost all of them. The only exceptions are the unique special drugs used in the treatment of cancer and AIDS, where any change of the optional element is important.

I noted that after a 5-day course of antibiotics, the following taking of Viagra worked very late and almost did not give any result. Is there a relation between taking Viagra and strong antibiotics, which I was using while recovering from the flu?

Of course, the relationship is obvious. This was due to the weakening of the body.

Hello! I am 50 years old. In recent years, I more and more feel the reduced visual sensations, desire disappears, the process excitation happens with great difficulty. What medications can you advise for correction of the situation, considering my age?

Reduced sexual desire should be sought more in your emotional and psychological sphere. Your age does not play such a big role here, it may impose a stamp on your overall health. In your case the reason is lack of the object for sexual desire or disharmony in relations with your partner. Good medication that can help you is Levitra. Considering the age, it is more easily tolerated, than others.

After taking one Viagra pill the expected erection did not occur. Is it possible to take one or two more?

75-80% effectiveness of Viagra is proved by numerous studies, so it should occur after the taking of one tablet. Do not forget that Viagra works in the presence of the object of a strong sexual desire. If you do not have a partner that you like the erection may not occur, and Viagra is unlikely to help in this case.

Take multiple tablets of Viagra one after another is highly undesirable, because it increases the load on the heart. Especially needed to be attentive men with heart diseases, as well as aged men.

In the online pharmacies is on sale Generic Levitra. What makes it better or worse than other generics, such as Viagra and Cialis?

All of the above drugs are intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It all comes down to the fact that if you have taken a pill, there is an erection, and if you have forgotten to do it – there is no erection. The action of these drugs is clearly seen in the endothelial isolated dysfunction. It is very easy to use Cialis phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors.

With it you within 36 hours after taking the drug can make one or two sexual intercourses, also it is possible to take the drug with moderate doses of alcohol. Another advantage of Cialis is thet it is not necessary to think about an individual dosage, as it is standard for all. Levitra and Viagra are approximately equal preparations, but with the smaller time action, only 3 – 5 hours, and they do not have benefits of Cialis.

The only and relevant advantage of Cialis it is a negative effect on spermatogenesis. According many doctor-sexologist: 80% of cases, taking these drugs, it is possible to restore the quality of sex and do not be obliged to take tablets constantly.

If a man does not have erection problems, but sometimes uses Viagra, will it act on him, or may it negatively affect the erection?

Viagra will act on erection in any case, but if you will not take it you will not observe any deviation in the normal erection.

Because of the “fear of failure” there is some erectile dysfunction. What can you advise me – take one of these drugs – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or wait until everything will work itself

This problem refers to psychogenic type, and in this case only stable formation of the consciousness of success can help. Viagra will more help than harm. You just need to feel confidence and ability to perform normal sexual intercourse a few times and the need for it will disappear by itself. If you do not have any contraindications to Viagra, start with 50 mg.

Please tell me, does the taking of medicines that increase potency has effect on the quality of sperm. How dangerous is to take Viagra during the conception of the child and whether the conception in this case is possible?

Viagra in no way interferes with the implementation of reproductive function and conception is possible.

Can the man suffering from insulin-dependent form of diabetes, take Viagra?

Viagra can be taken, but with caution. It is better to pay attention to Levitra – it has more safety profile and
better tolerability in patients with various degrees of diabetes.

Tell me what is the normal regular dose of Viagra? How fast can I expect the effect of 100 mg of Viagra and what will be its duration?

The initial dose is 25 mg, for most men is acceptable dose of 50 mg, but depending on the effect, dose can be increased to 100 mg, or reduced to 25 mg. Less than 25 mg does not make sense to use – the effect will be zero. In our pharmacy you can buy the drug at a dose of 100 mg. Effect of the drug does not depend on the dosage, it anyway ranges from 4-6 hours and the maximum effect comes after 30-60 minutes.

Please tell me how long it is possible to take Viagra without harm to health? I am now 38 years old and if I can take it every weekend, that is, 1 time per week? Thank you!

There are no special restrictions on taking Viagra. It can be taken for a long time and at any age. It is only necessary to read the instructions carefully and consider all contraindications. Avoid taking this medicine more frequently than once per day. If you follow all the instructions than Viagra will be a highly effective and safe drug for you that will give you a confidence for a long time.


List of Questions

What is Viagra?
How does this drug works?

Viagra and alcohol are compatible?
It is possible to take Viagra with other medications?

What side effects has Viagra?
What to do or why Viagra does not work?

Generic? What is it?
Could be generic a fake?

What is the efficiency of this medicine?
How long does it work?

How should take Viagra older people?
How sildenafil affect spermatogenesis?

What is the effect of generic Viagra on the libido?
Can Viagra treat male infertility?

What effect make this drug on women?
Could the taking of Viagra cause aggression?

In which cases it is necessary to take this preparation?
What contraindications has this drug?

How to take Viagra?
What effect on the organism has the long-term use of Viagra sildenafil?

Does Viagra treats impotence?
It is possible to take Viagra with food?

What is Viagra?

Viagra is popular all over the world, it is an effective drug of PDE-5 inhibitor for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or ED. This drug helps to achieve stable and long lasting erection during sexual arousal. Its active ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate.

Purpose: The drug, to increase potency

Manufacturer: Pfizer PGM
Formula: C22-H30-N6-O4-S.C6-H8-O7

How does Viagra works?

A chemically active ingredient – sildenafil citrate. The action of Viagra on men is based on increased blood supply to the genital bodies. Its action helps to relax smooth muscles and fill with blood the cavernous bodies of the penis. It causes an erection only with sexual arousal. The positive effect on the quality and sustainability of erection is proven by scientific research.

Viagra and alcohol compatible?

Yes, they are compatible, but at the same time increases the possibility of side effects. Alcohol also negatively affects the erection and sildenafil is not able to eliminate this effect. For the best result, it is better not to use alcohol in big doses and not to eat fatty meal.

Direct counteraction sildenafil and ethyl alcohol do not have. Especially for those who are planning to take the medication with alcohol and the food was created Viagra Soft.

Is it possible to take Viagra with other medications?

It is recommended to consult with your doctor about any medications you are taking. Do not take Viagra if you drink nitrates, nitric oxide donators, as this can lead to unsafe fall in blood pressure and may cause a heart attack.

It is also not recommended to take Viagra with the following medications: Tsimetedin, ketoconazole, erythromycin, BCCI, beta-blockers and orally hypoglycemic drugs.

What are the side effects?

The main side effects of Viagra are headache, upset stomach, temporary visual disturbances, redness of the skin, malaise, shortness of breath. Having picked up the correct dose, you can reduce the probability of occurrence of side effects of up to 2.5%.

Under the action of the side effects for more than 4 hours you must seek emergency medical help. If you feel a sudden decrease in vision or hearing, stop taking Viagra and contact a doctor.

The most common side effects are redness of the skin, dizziness, nasal congestion.

What to do or why Viagra does not work?

There may be cases where a patient must take pills of Viagra 3 or 4 times before they start to have an effect on him or you just need to increase the dose.

According to statistics, Viagra works for 4 of 5 men with erectile dysfunction. If the drug does not work for you, you need to consult a doctor.

Generic? What is it?

Generics is a drug – analogue of well-known brands. In the composition of the generic pills are the same chemically active substances as in the original preparation. Differences in the composition are only allowed in additional substances. The pharmacological action of generic is absolutely identical to the original drug. Generics of Viagra are: kamagra, Syagrius potential, Suhagra, Sildenafil.

Could a generic be fakes?

Of course not! Generic Viagra are legal and approved by the Ministry of Health. There is no danger of taking generic Viagra, purchased in our online pharmacy. Our generic drugs are produced in India and have a certificate that confirms their quality.

What is the efficiency?

Of all treatments for erectile dysfunction, Viagra Sildenafil is one of the most convenient, simple and free used drugs. If you are using sildenafil, take 1 tablet 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

How long does it work?

Studies have shown that tablet taken 1 hour before intercourse remains effective even for about 4-6 hours.

How should take Viagra older people?

The main factor is the health of the heart. If periodically you have pains in the heart that accompany physical activity – we recommend to consult a cardiologist. In other cases, the dose should be restricted to 25 mg.

How sildenafil affects spermatogenesis?

In no way. Sildenafil has no effect on this process.

What is the effect of generic Viagra on the libido?

Such effect are not observed. Libido remains unchanged, regardless of taking the drug. Blocking of the enzyme that affects blood flow in the penis does not affect libido.

Does Viagra treat male infertility?

Viagra has no effect on fertilization. The mechanism of its action has no instruments of influence on this function.

How does Viagra work for women?

Special studies on this subject has been conducted, and therefore there are no confirmed recommendations about taking Viagra for women. In mass media appeared information about the positive influence of sildenafil on female sexual function, but there is no proven and precise information about it.

Could the taking of Viagra cause aggression?

No. Sildenafil has no effect on hormones. Generic Viagra is not able to stimulate and depress manifestations of human emotions.

In what cases it is recommended to take this drug?

Sildenafil is recommended for the erectile dysfunction of organic, psychogenic or mixed nature. In the Army of Israel, it is used as a means to improve the endurance of the personnel.

What are the contraindications of Viagra?

Contraindications to take Viagra are heart failure, anatomical deformation of the penis cell anemia, leukemia, multiple myeloma. Intolerance to sildenafil.

How to take Viagra?

The initial dose is 50 mg. One pill of Viagra is taken with some water approximately one hour before sexual intercourse.

If necessary, the dose may be not too sharply increased or decreased. Do not take more than 100 mg per day. The minimum dose is 25 mg. The drug acts up to 4 hours.

What is the effect of long-term use of Viagra sildenafil on the organism?

There are no information about the occurrence of abnormalities in men who have been taken for a long time Viagra pills. According to statistics, use of Sildenafil for years caused in some patients the occurrence of some light side effects.

Can Viagra treat impotence?

No! Its action includes only a temporary increase of blood flow to the penis.

Is it possible to take Viagra with food?

Fatty food slows the absorption of the drug in the blood and the action begins about an hour later.


In 1992, in the process of clinical trials of a new drug for the treatment of ischemia and hypertension, researchers noted the absence of the desired effect, but in many patients it caused a kind of “side effect”, which consists in improvement of erectile function. For this, researchers in autumn 1998 were awarded with the Nobel Prize.

The history of “Viagra” began in 1992 in Great Britain, in the town of Pfayzers Sandwich during pharmacological studies of the “Pfizer” company. The researchers conducted clinical trials of a new drug – sildenafil citrate, which was developed as a means for a treatment of some heart ailments. Scientists expected that sildenafil citrate will increase the blood flow to the heart muscle and reduce blood pressure.

However, was mentioned that Sildenafil citrate, has no significant effect either on the blood circulation in the heart muscle (myocardium) nor on the blood pressure. Also was found that many male patients who participated in the study refused to return the sildenafil pills, despite of the end of the test. The reason for refusal all of these patients was one – they all noted the sharp improvement in the quality of erections. Thus, despite the minimal effect of a new drug on the blood circulation in myocardium, sildenafil caused significant blood flow to the male genitals.

Researchers of the pharmaceutical company «Pfizer» react to this unexpected property of sildenafil citrate with due attention and could recognize in it a powerful tool in the fight against erectile dysfunction. The new drug was named Viagra – the name was born as if the merger of the words «Vigor» (authority energy, power) and Niagara – the most powerful waterfall in North America.

Today this drug is used in cardiology for the treatment of patients with pulmonary hypertension.

The possibility of taking Viagra in the presence of cardiovascular diseases must be discussed with a cardiologist! if patient with pain in the heart for 24 hours before hospitalization took Viagra, you definitely need to inform doctor, since the appointment of nitroglycerin may lead to uncontrolled hypotension and death.

Properties of Viagra

Viagra, besides that it increase male potency, it also restores it. Wherein this means has a number of advantages: for example, Viagra drug is compatible with alcohol and its effect is manifested even after half an hour after its application.

What is the secret popularity of Viagra?

The point is that in its composition there is a substance named Sildenafil. And this helps man to return to full sexual life. Another important feature of this drug is the absence of contraindications to conceive and influence on the male reproductive function. Thus, Viagra will give you the joy of life in a healthy way.

The operating principle of the drug

As soon as the active substance Sildenafil enters the bloodstream, it stimulates the blood circulation, increasing blood circulation in the pelvis. As a result the smooth muscles of the penis relax forming a strong blood flow to the penis – and an erection occurs.

Advantages of Viagra Generico

Lately, especially popular have become Generic Viagra, online pharmacies start to offering it more and more. What is the difference between this product and the ordinary Viagra?

The point is that for the Viagra drug pharmacies typically request a pretty big cost. Generic Viagra is nothing inferior to the original, and is much cheaper.

The properties and the effect of this drug are really has no difference from the usual Viagra. The price for delivery of Generic Viagra can be made more favorable because the cost does not assume the costs of studies, lasting for years – manufacturers of this drug got a ready-made product and tested in practice recipe.

So Generic Viagra Generico and delivery of this drug primarily have a decent price. That is why recently, it is often recommended by doctors as an effective and reasonable alternative to the original drug. Moreover, the effectiveness of this means is confirmed by many men whose lives has become better and brighter due to this drug.

This means is not addictive, pills are completely safe to use – so you can take this drug without fear of consequences. Moreover, the effect of the drug has no contraindications to conception and further development of the fetus. And it has a very long lasting effect.


What are generic drugs?

Generic is the analog of the drug (brand), its exact copy. Let’s say a company which has developed the drug invested a lot of money in research and has achieved success. The drug became popular and came to the market as a new brand. The company that developed the drug actively sells it and makes a profit.

Of course before release its drug on the market, the company that developed it acquired the patent for the active substance so nobody could fake it. Thus the developer secures its exclusive rights to sell the drug he created.

However, each patent has its own term. As long as the term of patent protection on the drug acts, the developer company gets the maximum profit, because it can set any price for its product. But the term of the patent protection for the active ingredient of drugs and medicines are limited by a global law.

Once the period of patent protection for the active ingredient has expired, other companies receive access to the formula of this substance and can start producing their own medicines and drugs based on it. Thus on the market appear generics.

What is different the composition of the original drug from the generic drug?

Virtually it has no difference, active substance of generic drug and brand drug are completely identical. The difference may only consist in the accompanying supplements, flavors and colors that do not play a significant role in the mechanism of effects of the drug.

Is there a difference between quality of generic drugs and the original drugs?

Online pharmacies sell generics produced in India, only by the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country. These companies carry out a strict quality control of its products and sell their products to many developed countries.

By the volume production and the technological level of the pharmaceutical industry India holds the leading position among the developing countries. Indian generic drugs are successfully sold in America and Europe. In the last few years nearly 10 times (45%) was increased the proportion of Indian medicines that are approved for use in the United States.

Why generics are much cheaper than the original drugs?

I think you already understood why. The company that developed the drug has invested in its creation and advertising a lot of time and money. The new manufacturer just took the generic active ingredient (that is completely identical) and started the production of its own medicines almost without spending any means.

Generics is profitable and efficient!

Production of generic drugs very effectively affect the economic development and is beneficial for consumers. If earlier a large percentage of potential users of the drug could not buy it because of excessive price set by developer and producer, then now he has the opportunity to obtain and use the product which he had only watched from afar!

Smart people buy generics because it is silly to pay 2 times more for a similar efficacy, but paying the other people advertising costs.

Generic of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra – Which to choose?

Now we come to the main reason why most of you are reading this article. A person who for the first time read about the means to increase potency or is unfamiliar with this topic, it is difficult to orient at first in a huge choice of products and means. To do this, we will analyze the most famous features of generics offered for sale in our pharmacy, so you could select the optimal product for you.

Generic Viagra

Viagra is the most famous drug to increase potency of our time. Generic Viagra sold in online pharmacies have the same efficiency as the original Viagra. The low price makes it an attractive option for buying. The product is perfect as a routine therapy with regular use. Read more in the article – everything you wanted to know about Viagra before buying Viagra.

Generics of Levitra

Levitra as well as its generics has high efficiency and speed of onset of the effect. If you have tried Viagra, but found it not very effective we recommend that you try generic Levitra. In 60% of patients resistant to Viagra, Levitra action caused no complaints. Read more in the article – everything you wanted to know about Levitra, before buying Levitra.

Generics of Cialis

Cialis, as well as its generic has a record time of act on male potency. The effect of Cialis lasts up to 36 hours. Thus Cialis is a “perfect weekend drug,” as it is called in France. Having taken the pill you can safely go to the “week-end” and be prepared! Read more in the article – everything you wanted to know about Cialis before buying Cialis.


On the market for the treatment of erectile dysfunction thare are quite a large variety of products and for a person who for the first time have conceived to use stimulants of potency, sometimes is difficult to orient and make the right decision.

Advertising on TV and the Internet stuffs us with information about all kinds of miraculous means to increase men’s strength and drugs that increase men´s potency significantly. But is it worth to trust this advertisment?

How to choose the right medication?

Despite the apparent diversity of products offered for sale on the market for male´s potency for a long time, there are several major brands and products, which for years have proven its efficacy and safety in use.

They are – Viagra, with the active ingredient “Sildenafil», Cialis, which has active ingredient “Tadalafil” and Levitra, with the acting substance “Vardenafil”.

If you are worried about the problem of premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation), we advise to pay attention the drug Priligy or combined stimulants on its base – is the best tool available today!

The rest of the stimulants of potency or copy them or try to approach to them. Thus it makes no sense to use any clones and it is better to stay at one of the solutions tested in pharmacology.

To make the right choices, ask yourself a few important questions:

How fast effect you need?

If you need a “psychological and physiological support for the case of of failure”, the best choice will be Levitra (efficiency of its taking occurs within 10-15 minutes) and also preparations labeled “soft” – Viagra Soft and Cialis Soft. On soft drugs we will dwell below. By taking one of these medications and taking for preliminary caress about 15-20 minutes, you can be sure that your body will not fail.

How long-term effect do you need?

The champion of this indicator is Cialis. Its effect occurs from half an hour to one and a half hour, and lasts up to 36 hours. Thus Cialis is a “perfect weekend drug,” as it is called in France. You can take a pill and with a clear conscience to go to “week-end” and be prepared! Levitra works up to 12 hours, and Viagra up to 4-5 hours.

Possible side effects?

If you constantly drive a car, work as a designer, or are engaged in other activities where it is important the exact distinction of colors, you should take Viagra with caution: it is unique among drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction that is able to change the color perception, color all surrounding objects with blue. Although some people might even enjoy that original change of reality, there is absolutely no harm in that.

The combination with drugs (very important!)?

If for you is vitally important time to time take nitroglycerin, note: you can use nitroglycerin only if after taking Levitra, Viagra, or Cialis has passed time, equaling three times of the period of the half-life of the drug. For Levitra (vardenafil) the half-life is 4-5 hours, for Viagra (sildenafil) – 3-5 hours, and for Cialis (tadalafil) – 17.5 hours. If you have heart disease, and you need periodically to take nitroglycerin, we do not recommend you use Cialis as a stimulant of potency .

If you are suffering diabetes, or had prostatectomy – we recommend that you choose Levitra. This drug has the greatest activity. Taking this medication is desirable to start immediately with the dose of 20 mg. Levitra may also be used if you have already tried Viagra, but found it not very effective. In 62% of patients that are resistant to Viagra, the effect of Levitra did not cause any complaints.

The combination of stimulants of potency – Viagra, Cialis and Levitra with food and alcohol?

As we promised we return to Cialis Soft and Viagra Soft … The main thing that distinguishes the soft version of the drug from ordinary (classical) version is method of application. Soft drugs are not taken in, they are dissolved under the tongue. Therefore the active agent enters the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. This feature allows you to use Viagra Soft and Cialis Soft in combination with
fatty food and alcohol, which is known to slow down the absorption of traditional forms of these drugs.

Also, this property affects the rate of onset of effect after application. The rate of reaction is at Levitra level, i.e about 10-15 minutes. Due to this fact we recommend these drugs for those for whom are important the speed of onset of effect after the use of potency stimulant. The maximum duration of the soft products, as well as their compatibility with drugs and nitroglycerin are absolutely identical to classic version that is taken inside.

What to choose – the original brand or generic drug?

Generics are made on the same basis as the original brand-name drugs. You can read more about it in the article named “What is generic”. Generics are much more favorable to branded products by the price. You need to choose a suitable stimulator of potency! So, we hope that the above information can help you make the right choice, or at least outline the range of possible drugs for use. For the treatment of erectile dysfunction modern pharmacology provides a wide choice of drugs.

You will be able to determine for yourself what stimulator of of potency is best for you only after check their action and features specific to each drug on yourself. Especially for this case online pharmacies present a special set of probes, including a variety of drugs to increase potency. Do not be afraid to try different stimulants of potency and experiment! You will be rewarded with a stable, full of satisfaction and positive emotions sex life!


Currently there are many medications to increase potency, they are very popular among men who have problems with erection. Depending on the causes of the decrease of potency, can be assigned different means, each having its effect.


The drug should be chosen based on the objectives that are pursued. If it is necessary to obtain the short-term effect, no more than for a couple of times, then Viagra is what you need. If it is necessary to spend a long time staying sexually active, Cialis is your choice. If you need to take medications on a continual basis, then Levitra, which has less severe side effects, will be preferable to other preparations.

But before you start to use synthetic drugs, you need to try to use natural methods to improve your potency.
Firstly, it is necessary to eliminate the reasons of the decrease of potency. Secondly, it is necessary to do special exercises, that can increase potency. Third, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, get rid of bad habits.

If you can not avoid taking the pills, then try to increase the potency with the help of pills and at the same time natural methods. Effectiveness of such treatment would be much higher and with time, the need for tablets would be less or will completely disappear.

Drug treatment of erectile dysfunction is the most popular and effective in the traditional medicine. Based on the results of the medical examination of the patient, doctor selects an appropriate course of treatment with one or more drugs.


1. Preparations based on phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra):

1.1. Viagra is the first and most famous medication to improve sexual function of men. It is also the cheapest one. At the very beginning of its appearance this medication was not a mean for potency, and was discovered by accident. It has a of short duration time action – 4 hours. Viagra has side effects.

1.2. Cialis is a medicine that appeared on the market after Viagra as a means to increase potency. Its duration of action is up to 36 hours. It is more expensive compared with Viagra, but has a less pronounced side effects.

1.3. Levitra is the “youngest” of these three drugs. The active substance of this means is very similar to the active substance of Viagra, so it is an improved version. Its average duration of action is 12 hours. It is considered one of the most powerful means among phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. The main advantage of Levitra is the practical absence of side effects, compared with Cialis and Viagra.

This combination of properties significantly increases price of a product and makes it the most expensive among the phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors.

Features of this group of drugs:

An erection occurs only as a result of sexual arousal. If this mechanism is disturbed, these drugs will be useless. They have short-term effect. It is not recommended to take them more than once a day. They can be used for the treatment of psychophysical disorders of potency.


The first pharmaceutical product to increase potency is Viagra. It appeared on the market about 12 years ago and still continues to hold a leading position.

What is the mechanism of action of Viagra?

With sexual stimulation erection occurs due to substances that increase blood flow to the sexual organ (penis). Blocking the special enzyme increases the permeability of blood vessels due to that this effect is achieved.

Viagra is a synthetic product, as the main active ingredient of Viagra is Sildenafil – synthetic substance. This means is used in approximately 40-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. The drug takes effect about 30 minutes after ingestion and maintains its activity for about 4 hours.

But there are a number of disadvantages that lead some men to abandon this product. From taking Viagra may occur The following side effects: headache, heartburn, facial flushing, and others. It is also not recommended to take the means, more than once per day.

This substance is available in doses of 25, 50 and 100 mg. In some online pharmacies this medicine can be found in dose of 150 mg. However, the maximum daily dose is 100 mg. Most patients are being prescribed a pill of 50 mg, but taking into account the degree of pathology and individual tolerance of the drug the prescription dose may be increased to 100 mg, or reduced to 25 mg.

The price of Viagra is much lower, depending on the manufacturer and the number of units purchased at the same time. Tablets made by the original manufacturer (Pfizer) are much more expensive.


Cialis is made to increase potency. Is a new drug for rapid increase of potency (since 2003 in the market), but it quickly won the men’s gratitude for its duration.

Why Cialis is better than Viagra?

A significant increase in the duration of action of the preparation (up to 36 hours) more than Viagra. You can take a pill in the morning, and enjoy a strong erection during the day and night. But like his predecessor, Cialis is not without side effects: headache, dyspepsia, nasal congestion. Cialis is available in doses of 2.5, 5 and 20 mg. The maximum daily dose of Cialis is 20 mg.


Levitra is a new drug in this field, the main advantages of which is the virtual absence of side effects (compared to Viagra and Cialis), and good duration of action of this drug (up to 12 hours). It is considered the most powerful drug in this group. Is produced in doses of 5, 10 and 20 mg. The maximum daily dose is 10 mg. Most profitable is to buy Generic Levitra instead of branded drugs.


Drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are the essential drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. A time-tested drug is Viagra (its active ingredient is sildenafil citrate). Viagra was opened more than 25 years ago. Its high evidence base and extensive clinical tests is the basic and not the only advantage over other drugs.

Levitra (active ingredient – Vardenafil) – a relative newcomer in the pharmaceutical market. Cialis (active ingredient – tadalafil) – appeared in 2003. Despite the fact that they appeared recently, these drugs, however, have passed well all clinical studies. All three drugs act on the corpus cavernosum of the penis,
contributing to it blood supply and cause resilient erection. The mechanism of action of these drugs is the same.

The main differences between this three drugs

The most crucial indicator of the effectiveness is the duration of action. Viagra works up to 6 hours, Levitra up to 12, and Cialis up to 36 hours (it is called “the weekend drug”). Cialis is more comfortable in use, you do not need to worry about the that its action can suddenly end;

Time of taking the drug

Here Levitra is the leader, it begins to be active in 15 minutes after ingestion. Viagra takes effect in 30-45 minutes. Cialis is better to take 30 minutes before sexual intercourse;

The dependence of the power of action of food intake and alcohol

The medicinal effect of Viagra is significantly reduced when taking abundant and fatty foods, so it always shoul be taken on an empty stomach. Simultaneous intake of alcohol with this drug can weaken the effect of Viagra. On the therapeutic action of Levitra and Cialis, meal, (especially fat), and alcohol, almost have no effect;

Half life

This indicator is important for people suffering from cardiovascular and renal disease. The use of these drugs together with the preparations of nitroglycerin is dangerous for life! The smallest half-life (of 3-5 hours) has Viagra, so those who suffer from heart disease can take Viagra strictly prescribed by a doctor. The half-life of Levitra is of 6 hours, of Cialis is 18 h., and it is absolutely contraindicated for patients taking

The effect on color perception

Cause changes in vision is a priority of Viagra. Cialis and Levitra do not have such side effect. At works requiring attention it is not worth to take Viagra.

In diabetes is always disturbed metabolism. The absorption of drugs into the bloodstream deteriorates. By its virtue Levitra is superior to Viagra and Cialis, so its effectiveness in diabetics is higher. Cialis is more secure in use for diabetics, but it works a little bit weaker. Cialis and Viagra, if their action is insufficient or ineffective, can be replaced with Levitra.


Viagra contains 50 or 100 mg of active substance. Cialis and Levitra contains 20mg of the active ingredient;

Side effects of the drugs are the same and are quite rare. Levitra is not recommended to use for patients who have deformation of the penis. Cialis is more secure. With the failed intercourse Cialis causes less negative sensations. The problem of choice of drug depends on many factors. For elderly patients is preferred Cialis. With psychogenic erectile dysfunction – Viagra. With metabolic disorders – Levitra. Choose the right product – it the most important step in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

What is a “generic”?

Generic is a complete analog of an official brand. Often in pharmacies you can hear the answer “We do not have such a drug, but there is an analog” and they give you a preparation the composition of which is not different from the ordered one, and mostly have a similar name but is made by another firm. This is generic.

What is the difference from the original?

The main difference of the generic preparation from the original is the name on the box, besides that often this name is consonant with the name of the original brand. This is due to the fact that the trade name (brand name) of the original product is registered and its use is prohibited to other manufactures. Also can be different the package design, but the composition of generic and original drug is completely identical (generic has the same active substance as the original preparation).

Where are produced generics?

Generics produce pharmaceutical companies in different countries. For example, in India are located ones of the largest pharmaceutical companies, that are involved in the production of generics. Also, some manufacturers of original drugs also produce their own generic drugs because they do not want to lose a profit.

Most often you can find in pharmacies generic drugs for general use. But with generic medicines for erectile dysfunction, everything is more complicated. They do exist, but their presence in pharmacies do not like companies holders of the trade names of these drugs and they are trying to legally prevent the appearance of any cheaper analogue of narrow group of drugs. This problem is particularly spread in the United States, where increase in prices for drugs is strongly lobbied in US Parliament by pharmaceutical companies.

Will there be erection problems after consuming medications?

Modern drugs have passed many tests and research, and therefore have been approved in all countries. But it is necessary to comply with the instructions for it use, study all contraindications, and do not abuse the drug, however abuse any medication may cause you harm.

Drugs can take healthy people and after the discontinuation of the drug it will not cause any problems in the future. Moreover, preparations for enhancing erection often buy young people of 20-25 years, and also middle-aged men, in order to diversify their sex life.

With excitement (a syndrome of expectation of failure) I lose the erection. These drugs will help?

Many men use drugs to enhance an erection to overcome the so-called “fear of expectations.” In 98% of cases medicine perfectly helps. After several sexual acts, everything comes to norm and lowering the dosage you can completely give up the drug.


Currently there are many medicines designed to solve problems with potency. Basically they are produced in the form of tablet for oral ingestion. But the principle of taking of these tablets is different. Some of them are taken directly inside, while others can be dissolved under the tongue (they have the prefix Soft).

Use of some tablets is connected with eating, and of others – no. Regarding to this, it should be said about the preparations for potency of the new generation that have best reviews, provide comfort and convenience for those who use them. These are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra.

Modern preparations for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

From means that today offers medicine for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction, the most known are the three drug – sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil. The first drug, sildenafil, is better known in the world as “Viagra”.


With the number of positive qualities its application has some significant disadvantages and first of all the dependence of its effect on food and alcohol. But often dinner at the cafe with the object of your passion, is a prelude to sexual relations. In addition to that, the effect of Viagra is reduced if a man suffers from diabetes, hypertension, or has severe forms of erectile dysfunction. Also, Viagra has not enough long duration.


The latest development – is a drug to increase potency tadalafil, that has received the trade name “Cialis”. It has a longer half-life and its effectiveness in combating erectile dysfunction not depend on any drinking of alcohol or eating food. But the duration of the action of this drug and the fact that “Cialis” is produced in a single dose of 20 mg creates in its application certain problems. Many men suffering from erectile dysfunction were not satisfied with these drugs, so was created a new one, vardenafil, called “Levitra”.

The most effective drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction


Clinical tests of Levitra have shown that it is a highly effective drug, more than 80%, safe to use and most effective. Effects on the organism occurs after taking the drug orally after 20-30 minutes and lasts for 8-12 hours, that is the most optimal for men.

In addition, effects of this medication on the body does not have any side effects. “Levitra” is currently the most effective drug for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction, even with daily intake. It is not affected by the use of alcohol or food, the effect is not reduced with the presence of other diseases.

Based on the results of studies carried out among modern drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment, Levitra” ranks first in efficiency.

Available in three doses, 20, 10 and 5 milligrams, this drug allows the most efficient use of its positive properties and allows the doctor to carry out the treatment and correction of therapy depending on the individual patient tolerability and the effectiveness of treatment with various degrees of severity of erectile dysfunction.

The advantage of these products is the following

A convenient form of use – tablets (that can be taken with a glass of water or dissolved). No side effects or insignificant contraindications. Prolonged effect of the drugs.

The low price of drugs. The possibility to use the drug once a day without prejudice to the health. Thus, there is a large variety of drugs that increase male sexual potency. Each of them has instruction that shows the order of taking the medication, contraindications and its action.

Causes of the reduction of “male power”

There are a number of reasons that could have negative effect on men’s health. Here they are:

Age-related changes. Over the years, production of testosterone decreases, and it is responsible for arousal and attraction. Smoking, including the the use of drugs. All these chemical means reduce the level of male hormone and cause irreparable harm to men’s health.

A sedentary lifestyle due to the deterioration of blood flow in the pelvic organs reduce potency. Stress, depression. Lack of sleep. Serious diseases of the male reproductive organs such as the prostate.

Irrational nutrition. The person should receive every day the level of vitamins and other nutrients, that is required to maintain in good condition all body systems. Without exception. Disorders of potency from the standpoint of psychological aspect.


The achievement of an erection is a complex process and problems can occur for several reasons. These problems can be psychological, physical or a combination of two. And even such effective medicines like Levitra, Cialis, Viagra may be useless to this disease.

Physical causes: physical causes of erectile dysfunction include breakage or damage to the sequence of events that leads to an erection. The sequence includes nerve impulses to the brain spine and penis and subsequent response in muscles, fibrous tissues, veins and arteries near cavernous bodies.

Frequently damages in sequence affects the artery, muscle and surrounding tissues of the penis, and this damage occurs most frequently as a result of disease.

Diseases that usually cause erectile dysfunction include:

Diabetes: diabetes can difficult the achievement of an erection. Presence of diabetes doubles the risk of occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

Renal disease: renal disease can cause chemical changes happening in your organism that affect hormones, blood circulation, nerve function. In most cases these changes reduce the human libido (sexual desire) or sexual abilities. Medications used for treating renal disease may also cause ED.

According to some estimates more than 50% of people with renal failure suffer from erectile dysfunction, decrease of sexual attraction, as well as a significant decrease in their sexual lives.

Neurological diseases of the nervous system: neurological diseases play an important role in achieving and maintaining erection, such diseases as stroke, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury. These diseases are associated with the termination of transmission of nerve impulses between the brain and penis.

Vascular diseases: cardiovascular diseases that affect blood vessels. These diseases include atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol. These diseases of which 70% occur due to physical reasons are associated with erectile dysfunction.

Prostate cancer: prostate cancer does not cause erectile dysfunction by itself, but its treatment (radiation, hormonal manipulation or surgery to remove a cancerous tumor) can cause erectile problems.

Physical causes of ED are associated not only with the disease, there are many other possible causes, including:

Surgery: surgery is performed to treat such diseases as prostate cancer and bladder cancer, is often required the removal of nerves and tissues around the affected area, that can cause impotence. Some of these operations leads to temporary problems (within 6-18 months), while others lead to damage to the nerves and tissues around the penis and need a treatment of weak erection.

Injuries: injuries in the pelvic area, bladder, spinal cord and the penis, that require surgical intervention and usually cause sexual dysfunction.

Hormonal Imbalance: An imbalance of hormones such as thyroid hormones, prolactin, testosterone, may affect the response of the organism during sexual stimulation. The imbalance may be a consequence of pituitary tumor, kidney disease, liver disease or hormonal treatment of prostate cancer.

Venous insufficiency: If veins of the penis can not keep blood in the penis during erection, an erection can not be maintained. This is known as venous insufficiency, and may be the result of injury or illness.

Tobacco, alcohol and drugs: All three of these substances can spoil the the blood and male vessels and restrict blood flow to the penis, thereby causing ED. Smoking in particular plays a big a role in causing ED in patients with atherosclerosis.

Medications: There are more than 200 kinds of prescription drugs that can cause ED.

Types of non-surgical treatment

Oral preparations

Sildenafil (Viagra) was the first oral medication approved for the treatment of ED. The tablet is taken about an hour before sexual activity. Men who simultaneously take other medications (containing nitrates, such as nitroglycerin) should not take Viagra. The combination of Viagra and nitrates can cause low blood pressure (hypotension).

The most common side effects of Viagra are dyspepsia (stomach upset), nasal congestion, hot flashes, headaches and visual disturbances. There are also other medications used to treat erectile dysfunction: Vardenafil(Levitra) and Tadalafil(Cialis).

Vacuum devices

These devices represent a cylinder that fits over the penis, followed by evacuating the cylinder. This results in the flow of blood to the penis and an erection. The vacuum device can be safely used to treat the causes of erectile failure.

Intracavernous injection therapy

With the help of tiny needles and syringes, the man introduces a small number of injections to the penis. injections relaxes the blood vessels, allowing blood to freely get into penis. This procedure is widely used and accepted from the beginning of the 1980s.

Injection therapy is effective in treating a wide range of problems with erection. The most common adverse side effects are pain and scars on the penis (fibrosis). Painful erection that lasts longer than two or three hours can occur as a side effect, but can be eliminated with proper dosing of the medicine.

Sex therapy

Sex therapy can be very competitive for most men when consultation is made by qualified physician-sexologist. Psychological causes can contribute to erectile insufficiency, even when obvious organic causes present. Sex therapy also helps the partner to accept and deal with the problem.

Today medical treatment of impotence drugs Viagra, Levitra, Cialis is the most popular and effective. They are easy to buy via the Internet in online pharmacies. Online pharmacies do not require a doctor’s prescription. Shipping of these medications is possible to any country.


Erectile dysfunction or impotence has affected a great number of men who are over 40 years old. The impotence can be defined as an inability to achieve erection, which in its turn plays an big role. Mostly men know that a healthy sexual relations with their partner is one of the principal and significant qualities of good and stable relations. The first thing that comes to mind of men who have faced with a weak erection is buy Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. But before using these medications first you must establish the causes of bad erection.

One of the most common causes of impotence in man are stress (at work or at home), unhealthy lifestyle, air pollution. Other factors, such as smoking, daily drinking of alcohol, obesity, may also cause this problem. Many men often complain that their erection becomes weak when they use condoms. We do not say that this article is for for those who did not consider it necessary to use condoms. You should always have safe sex.

There are popular products on the market, such as pills, like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. Or mechanical means, such as: vacuum pumps for the penis. All of them ofcourse pursue only one purpose – increase blood flow in the penis. All that was said above can help to achieve good erection. Surgery also can be considered one of the means to cope with this problem, but the success rate of the operation is small.

You can also try to use natural pills to increase potency or traditional remedies. They allow blood flow faster in the organism, the blood fills the vessels of the penis and that allows you to get a resilient erection.

Treatment of weak erection is carried out according to the results of your diagnostic studies. With the exclusion of the risk of disease of cardiovascular system you will be checked with psychosexual therapy, hormonal therapy, medication means (Levitra, Viagra, Cialis or Vardenafil, Sildenafil, Tadalafil), the introduction of medicines into the urethra.

How to determine impotence

Impotence is a terrible perspective for any man. This fear from more or less conscious age goes hand in hand with each representative of a strong half of mankind. That is why the sudden failure immediately clears the way to thought: “I No sick?”, “What if it impotence?”, etc. These questions literally “eat” a man inside, exacerbating his condition even more.

The most important thing at this stage is not to become confused and do not lose heart. Talk about impotence is too early, even if the problem seems to be serious. But blind eye to the existence ot this problem is not necessary.

To clarify the situation it is necessary to answer a number of questions:

Whether this failure (or a chain of failures) is the result of gradually developing problem or whether it has a periodic character (a consequence of fatigue at work, strong emotional shocks or alcohol consumption). How often do such difficulties occur. Here all depends on the age.

For young people, the weakening of sexual function caused by age-related changes is just unusual, and therefore is worth to think twice. In older men (over 40 years) about a quarter of all sexual acts is accompanied by one or other problem with an erection, and it is absolutely normal.

Morning erection is the best indicator of male sexual health. Probably you have to search for another cause. Stimulating from the part of the partner. If caresses and masturbation does not have any effect, it is necessary to think seriously about of the dependence of erectile dysfunction on any particular circumstances.

Perhaps this is just a reaction on dates with certain women? In most cases, the results of such tests can detect many hidden problems, sucha as incompatibility of partners, unhealthy lifestyle, some psychological factors.

If you still suspect a threat of the impotence you should be examined in a medical institution as soon as possible. Diagnosis usually involves analysis of sugar in blood, liver function, testosterone level, thyroid stimulating hormone, prolactin, cholesterol, urea and creatinine. This allows to reveal such diseases as diabetes, atherosclerosis, kidney damage, liver or thyroid glands which in its turn can cause erectile

Remember: the best treatment – is timely treatment.


Sex is an integral part of life. Without human existence sex would not be possible. The main reason is aging. Aging is a natural phenomenon, but we do not want our sexual activity to decay. As we grow older, blood vessel function worsens, so there is less blood flow to the penis. In order to have resilient erection, it is necessary to have a significant inflow of blood to the penis.

The porous penile tissue absorb blood, as a result man has an elastic erection. Thus erection persists during intercourse. After ejaculation the penis relaxes.

If you are not satisfied with your erection and want to have more stable and resilient erection, for this there are specially designed medicines such as preparations for treatment of impotence, such as Cialis, Levitra, Viagra and generic drugs. These drugs can help even older men. With them your sexual fantasies can be fully implemented!

Doses of these drugs depend on your health. If a person has hypertension, diabetes, cardiac diseases, then in these cases it is not recommended to use the above-mentioned medicines. And they should not be used by women and children.

Medications as Levitra, Cialis, Viagra will not work without sexual stimulation, you need external stimulation and arousal.

Create your strength and agility in your sexual relations as in youth. Naturally all drugs have side effects, and Viagra is not an exception. Among side effects there are the following: high blood pressure, heart rate. It would be appropriate to consult with your doctor before using these products. If side effects persist for more than 1.5-2 hours you should seek medical attention immediately.

Medications against erectile dysfunction only can help to maintain erection during sex. After ejaculation the penis relaxes and takes its original position. If an erection after ejaculation does not disappear (within 4 hours) you should consult your doctor!

Increasing potency easy

Currently on the market there are a number of erectile drugs, and this market is growing every year. You can choose any product and buy it without leaving home in online pharmacies without a prescription. Before taking any medication against erectile dysfunction you should visit a doctor and make sure you do not have problems with the heart and blood pressure. Now the most common medications to increase potency and their different versions that currently exist:

VIAGRA 25mg/50mg/100mg/120mg/150mg/200mg (Generic Viagra ,Generic Viagra Soft, Viagra Professional, Viagra Super Active, Viagra Original (Pfizer))

CIALIS 2.5mg/5mg/10mg/20mg/40mg/60mg (Cialis Super Active, Cialis Professional, Generic Cialis (Tadalafil), Cialis Original (Eli Lilly))

LEVITRA 10mg/20mg/40mg (Levitra Original (Bayer), Generic Levitra, Generic Levitra Soft, Generic Levitra Professional, Generic Levitra Oral Jelly)

And what is the right for me you will ask? If you are concerned about this question you can try a trial set that includes 2 pills of each of these drugs. To make a decisio is necessary to study their lifestyle. If you are in a long term relationship, Viagra will be ideal for you (its effect lasts 4 hours).

If you take this medication in advance you’ll can revive the fire of your relationship with your close partner.

If you are a man more advanced age, you will like Levitra. This drug helps to achieve an erection in 85% of cases for any stages of erectile dysfunction. If you are young and your adventurous scenario is always diverse, and you do not know exactly when it happens, and you have to be ready at any time – your choice is Cialis.

Precisely in these situations Cialis can be the best option. Cialis is operating for 20 minutes after taking and its duration is 36 hours. Buy Viagra, Cialis, Levitra with delivery to US, UK, Australia, Canada, you can in online pharmacies. When used properly and with the advice of a doctor the above products will provide you always resilient and more longer lasting erections.

The most profitable is to buy generic drugs. Their price is much lower than the price of the original drugs. Quality of generics are not inferior to the original drugs. Their active substance is identical with the active substance of the original drugs. Lower price of generics can be explained by the fact that there are no costs of advertising and research, as it has already been done by manufacturers of original drugs.


How to increase potency? This question was asking himself any young person who in one way or another was affected by this difficulty. Usually a person begins to study all kinds of literature, read articles about how to increase potency with the popular remedies, also read about pills, medicines – whatever ways were not presented in such materials, all of them write about the same thing – the most popular solutions of the problem with potency – pills to increase potency, bright representatives of which are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and generic drugs. You can buy them in local pharmacies of US, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, or order in online pharmacies.

Increase of the potency is a difficult task, for which, seemed to be, not so long ago was found a simple solution. And age, in what may appear first signs of this disease is extremely difficult to determine, almost impossible. And how is it could be possible to predict such a difficult process when there are a lot of reasons affecting the potency, among them stress, depression, nervous load and other different diseases.

The increase of potency – pills, drugs

It’s no secret that for men the absence of sex life or lack of sexual activity is depressing. And now is the time when young people are finally starting to pay interest on their health and visit urologist, for example, are not ashamed at all. Just take a look at the statistics with incredible percentage of young people with erectile dysfunction, especially after 35-40 years.

Present medications, such as Cialis and Viagra have demonstrated years ago its the effectiveness and are good solution to this problem, but before taking any medications the medical advice or consultation is needed, and often also the absolute examination in order to eliminate the negative effects of these drugs on the human body.

Continuing the theme of existing drugs that may increase the potency (improve erection), it is desirable to say that many stop at the old-fashioned way, for example Viagra. Viagra gives excellent results in the change state when a young man is unable to achieve an erection or retain it. So Viagra is able to diversify sex life, bring new colors to sexual relationship between partners.

Also, when a young man does not think all the time (especially before intercourse) about how to increase potency, and has self-confidence, it often turns out to be a positive influence on other areas of life, disappears lack of confidence, and sometimes even an inferiority complex, and much more.

Means of treatment of impotence in men

Now impotence is a rather common disease. The term of impotence refers to the inability of men to maintain an erection, inability to achieve it, which makes it impossible to enjoy a full sex life. In many situations, sexual activity comes to naught. And perhaps, immediately it should be noted that this is also a weakening of erection and a pretext to see a doctor and find out at least the cause of so unpleasant dysfunction.

In fact the reasons of this may be different diseases, ranging from diabetes, prostatitis, cystitis, completing with various serious injuries of spine and ordinary job stress, depression. And if you’re 35, 40 years old, then you are in the so-called zone of danger, that means it’s time to see a doctor if any erectile dysfunction has been noticed.

Treatment of impotence is sometimes reduced to surgical methods of treatment, however, this method is used every day more and more rarely since there are a lot of conservative treatment methods and constantly appear more and more. Yes, modern medicine now allows do a lot. And for this reason, doctors increasingly began to use so-called medication methods.

Today appear many modern medicines, and some of them even make a small revolution in the treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction). The effectiveness of this method is quite appreciated by modern trends in medicine.

Remedies, medicines

Impotence is a very unpleasant affliction. Maximally popular and effective preparations for the treatment of this problem are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. These medicines are quite potent and effective as a method of solving this problem, however, take them is possible for doctor prescription and also is required examination of the cardiovascular system and much more.

Find medicines to treat impotence is quite easy, they are sold in pharmacies, sometimes in the very medical institutions. Comfortable and completely anonymous way is to purchase them in online pharmacies.

It should be also noted that young men (whose age is 20-30 years old) has a psychogenic cause of impotence.


Impotence or erectile dysfunction affects not only older men. A huge number of young men are also faced with this problem, and in the future it may deal a serious blow to their self-confidence. However this disease can be cured.

Online pharmacies that work on the markets of USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, provides a wide range of medicines for the treatment of impotence, they are Kamagra, Viagra, Levitra, Cialis. Also on the market you can find both medicines – original drugs and their generics. In online pharmacies you can buy Viagra (Sildenafil) without a prescription and at the same place you can get expert advice. Before using these medicines need to get a doctor’s recommendation, preferably recipe.

Before you begin the treatment of this problem read about some of the causes of impotence in men:

Psychological problems: the majority of cases are associated with psychological problems such as stress or depression. Besides that childhood abuse may be one of the causes of sexual problems in men. Lifestyle: your lifestyle can also affect your sexual health. Men who are obese may have limited blood flow to the penis, thet results in weak erection.

The use of recreational drugs can also be a major cause of erectile dysfunction. Based on all told above we can say that excessive smoking and drinking can also cause problems with erection in men, young and older.

How to cure impotence

The main things you have to do is to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol – do exercises regularly. Lose weight and exercise on a regular basis, it not only will provide better blood circulation throughout the body, but also help to ensure an optimal level of testosterone.

Medicines or traditional remedies?

Perhaps traditional medicines may be more useful than any other treatments. At young age you do not need such medicines as Viagra or Cialis. Herbal medicines have no side effects and at the same time are safe in use. Popular herbs are quality means with more potent ingredients that not only help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and increasing testosterone levels, but also help to reduce stress which is one of the main psychological causes of impotence.

Medicines on the basis of herbs are highly effective and provide a very fast result without side effects. Ask your grandparents or find on the internet resources popular recipes to increase erection. Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems, especially in young men.

Pills for the treatment of impotence

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a very common sexual ailment in men worldwide. Some people think that it is a rare disease that can not be cured. Many myths and misconceptions are associated with this disease. The reason is simple – many men do not feel free in the discussion of this kind of problem with experts in the field of health, as they feel that it will hurt their male ego.

Sometimes they take help from people who have no experience in this area. This is the main reason why impotence is aggravated in some men.

The first step in treating this disease is to visit a doctor who is an expert in this area and who will reveal the cause and prescribe successive steps for the treatment. You can take medication by prescription only, but be sure to consult a doctor and learn about side effects of drugs you will take.

You can try natural herbal products for the treatment of impotence. They are completely safe because have no side effects and at the same time are very effective. But we recommend the medication treatment for impotence with such preparations as Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra) that are very popular for their authenticity.

There are millions of patients taking these pills all over the world and they are ready to vouch for the effectiveness of these drugs. You can also benefit from these pills and start a new wonderful life. These pills will enhance emotional and physical connection between you and your partner, and you will be sure to achieve new “sexual heights” every day.


For a happy sex life it is necessary to take proper care of our physical and sexual health. But many are disappointed when one of the partners is diagnosed with sexual dysfunction. Recent studies have demonstrated the occurrence of sexual dysfunction in women called female sexual dysfunction, 50 percent of women over the age of 30 are in risk group. But in most cases from sexual dysfunction suffer men, and the number of them has reached alarming levels affecting millions worldwide.

But in fact, impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection that is necessary for sexual activity. Random failure of erection can not be judged as erectile dysfunction. This diagnosis is made only in the case when a failure in maintaining an erection becomes consistent problem for a long period of time.

Men suffering from impotence are too embarrassed to talk about their sexual problems. Such situations may put threaten relationships of many couples.

Though medical experts and researchers around the world are trying to find different forms of treatment, the most popular and widely used treatment was recognized Viagra. Since its approval and introduction in 1998, Viagra has successfully entered in confidence as an effective and high-quality product at an affordable price.

But the main ingredient of Viagra, which has the primary responsibility in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is its chemical component Sildenafil citrate. It relaxes the arteries of penis that are obstructed due to atherosclerosis and improves blood flow to the penis during sexual arousal, which in its turn makes it easier to achieve erection.

Viagra is the most famous drug in its category and its popularity can be estimated by the number of websites providing information about this drug. These websites not only provide information and the latest scientific research, but also are suitable for a free consultation with medical experts.

So if you hesitate to see a doctor in person you can seek for help online, but it is preferably use Viagra only by prescription. In addition, you can buy Viagra in online pharmacy with one click. Viagra can definitely bring bright colors to your sex life.

Causes of impotence in young men impotence may occur in young men with a variety of reasons. This may be due to medical problems or an unhealthy lifestyle. The problem may be constant or spontaneous. The cause of impotence can be emotional or physical problem.


Stress can have a profound effect on the body. Even in young men stress may damage sexual health and be associated with impotence. Here are some of life’s problems which can cause considerable stress for young men: building a career, loans, peer pressure, family pressure, financial difficulties.

Hormonal problems

Some young men may have unusual levels of hormones that can affect their sexual health. Soy reduces the level of testosterone and sperm, according to a study of the Harvard School of Public Health. Some men who regularly drink milk made of soy found that the level of testosterone decreases with the consumption of soy products. Such food contain estrogen (female hormone).

Bike ride

The traditional bicycle saddle “with a narrow back and a sharp nose, play a role in sexual impotence,” says New York Times. Impotence may occur due to the pressure on the artery and nerve endings in the perineal area, which finally reduce the blood flow to the penis.

Biking can lead to a groin injury, which creates “small calcifying of masses inside the scrotum.” The more a person rides a bike, the higher is the risk of impotence. Dr. Irwin Goldstein, urologist from Boston, told to the New York Times, “There are only two kinds of male cyclists – those who are already impotent, and those who will be impotent. ”


Nicotine causes narrowing of the arteries that complicates blood flow to the penis. Eventually this may lead to erectile dysfunction. Smoking also increases the total risk of damage to health.


Diabetes can lead to damage of the arteries and nerves. This will affect the ability of the blood to penetrate the penis properly.

Low sexual desire

Low libido can lead to ED. There are many reasons for low sex drive. This may be due to
sexual abuse in childhood, lack of energy, fatigue.

Alcohol and drugs

High doses of alcohol and recreational drugs can lead to a decrease in sexual activity. Mixing drugs and alcohol is dangerous and may also increase the risk of impotence.


The development of modern medicine comes rapidly. Every year, methods of treatment become more perfect, doctors manage to defeat more diseases pharmaceutical companies invest billions of dollars in research, thanks to which new medications appear. But despite the appearance of new preparations on the market, prices for old medicines remain the same, and effective new drugs usually turn out to be very expensive

Quality modern medicine not everyone can afford. And here to the aid come generics. What they are?

Ask for explanations wikipedia, the most prestigious encyclopedia in the Internet world. Wikipedia defines generics as medicines that does not have a patent, which are equivalent to the original drug by its pharmaceutical, therapeutic and biological effects. At the same time the main active ingredient of generic and original drugs will be identical, but their auxiliary components may differ.

Why generic drugs are cheaper than the original drugs?

To answer this question, letВґs see how new drug comes to the market. All begins in the laboratory, where scientists obtain a new formula of the drug, that is more efficient then the existing analogues. After that the company that invented the drug obtain a patent for a new drug, carries out laboratory testing, clinical studies, and only then it may be admitted to market.

To make new medicine entered the market of a particular country, it is necessary that it corresponds all medical standards that act in the country. Need it be said that different countries have different standards and sometimes very significant differences.

So the pharmaceutical companies sometimes have to spend considerable means on additional tests and investigations. Naturally, all the costs for the withdrawal of the drug on the market, eventually are placed in the cost of goods. That is why cost of modern medicines is so high. After the invention of medication, the company gets a patent by which only it can produce a new drug. The validity of a patent depends on the country in which it was received, and can be large enough, but it ever end.

As soon as the patent ends, immediately appear generic of new drug. Make a generic drug can any company. For this it is enough to master the technology of the production process of medication, and to prove the identity of the main active component of the drug. And the benefits for the production of generic drugs are obvious. There is no need to invent a new drug, since there is a ready chemical formula.

It is not necessary to carry out clinical studies. The consumer is already familiar with the product, and therefore no large-scale advertising campaigns, nor market research is not necessary to carry out. For more familiarity, you can even take a name of new drug that would be consonant with the original drug’s name.

Due to these factors, the price of generic drugs is 2-4 times lower than the price of original drugs. Thanks to generics more people will receive modern medicines at a lower price.

Often consumers mix such concepts as fake, copy and generic, considering them synonymous. But let’s make clear these concepts. Generic is a medicament active formula of which is completely identical to the original drug.

A copy is a medicine that is made with violation of the patent protection: or during the period when the patent still acts, or is the drug with the same name. A forgery, active substance of the drug is replaced by cheaper one in production and sometimes even by chalk or soda. It is clear that the forgery can not be even named drugs.

A world leader in generics production is India. This country abounds in pharmaceutical companies that specialize exclusively in the production of generic drugs, and in the goods of all therapeutic group.

Viagra pills – description

Name of Viagra is the most recognizable brand that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. The medication is produced by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Viagra was made specifically for men suffering from weak potency. Its pharmaceutical form is blue diamond-shaped pill with a dosage of 25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg. Viagra can be used only after consultation with the doctor, but you can buy Viagra online at a reasonable price.

Viagra is a drug that was developed in the 1990s for the treatment of heart disease, known as stenocardia. The test results revealed that this drug did not work for its intended purpose, however, researchers of the drug noticed an interesting side effect of Viagra – the appearance of persistent erection.

Viagra was patented in 1996, as a drug for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Erectile dysfunction is a violation of a specific function in men and is caused by a number of the following factors. The most common of them are psychological factors, less common are physical disorders. Some cases of erectile dysfunction can be caused by damage of the nervous system, diabetes or hypogonadism. In these cases Viagra is not very effective.

By chemical composition Viagra is classified as inhibitor of phosphodiesterase PDE5. PDE5 has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscle of the penis, when the man is excited, blood flows to the penis, causing an erection. There are some other preparations that contain inhibitors of phosphodiesterase PDE5 and similar mechanism of action – these are Cialis and Levitra. You’ve probably heard about them a lot on the Internet reading ads about these drugs.

You should remember that Viagra has its side effects and some of them include: headaches, stomach upset, facial flushing, increased sweating. Viagra should not be taken in conjunction with drugs developed to treatment of angina pectoris, their tandem can cause a sharp drop of blood pressure.

Even if you decided to buy medication online without a prescription, previously you need to consult with the competent doctor.


Passing the puberty, every man gets as a bonus an excellent potency. Well, almost everyone. However every day our body is influenced by many factors, and some of them can have a negative effect on the men´s organism. And if some of them, even with the strong desire, we can not affect (for example, bad ecology), with the others we can compete.

A healthy lifestyle is the basis of the excellent male potency. It allows to be a full man until old age, and did not even know about the drugs to increase potency. But let’s closer look at this concept.

Away smoking!

It’s simple you need to collect all the available nicotine and throw it away. What is so terrible about nicotine? Oh, this enemy touches the question of deterioration of male potency in several ways. Firstly the smoking impairs oxygen supply of blood. Because of this erectile tissues of the man´s penis are not in a hurry to fill with blood, and that reduces the quality of erection. And, secondly, decreases the vessel elasticity, that leads to damages and tearing of blood vessels throughout the organism, including the region of the penis.

Alcohol is harmful to your health!

Not in vain the Ministry of Health is so eager to tell us this seemingly obvious information. The excessive amount of alcohol negatively affects the liver, causing it to transform its male hormone testosterone into the female hormone estrogen. Whereby the testicles reduce testosterone production in men´s body and begins to form a big breasts. Testosterone deficiency in men´s body leads to a decrease of libido. The desire and ability to have sex come less and less often. In this case even Cialis and Viagra would not help. Although they provide conditions for a good erection, but do not increase libido.

Alcohol you have to treat as a medicine – in small doses it is able to make a positive effect on potency, but in big doses can become a real problem for men’s health.

Fighting against excess weight!

It might seem strange, but overweight can also cause considerable harm to male potency. And all because that very often it is accompanied by atherosclerosis. This disease easy affects blood vessels. The damage of blood vessels in the penis area will complicate blood supply of the penis, that will lead to erectile dysfunction.

Review your diet, reduce the amount of the consumed fat, replace them with fruits and vegetables.

Viva the exercise!

Physical activity not only helps to reduce the number used calories but also train the cardiovascular system,
that have positive effect on the entire body, and in particular on male potency. Besides that regular classes in the gym will help to eliminate stress, get a great figure, be healthy, beautiful and attractive. However, it is necessary to know the measure: do not exercise “for wear” and avoid anabolic steroids.

Less stress!

Stress is one of the reasons that can cause erectile dysfunction. Therefore we advise to avoid stress whenever is possible. If this does not work, then be engaged in more sports, autogenic training, meditation, yoga. They perfectly save from negative effects of stress.

Sleep more

Some people believe that every hour spent on sleep is time lived in vain. But it is not true as when we are sleeping our body rest, have the opportunity to recover itself. Lack of sleep or a “chronic lack of sleep” is able to reward with depression, negligence, lack of energy, and – yes, erectile dysfunction. How to think about sex when you constantly want to sleepy?

Unfortunately, not everything we can do! And there are circumstances that prevent to live a healthy lifestyle. Despite of all external circumstances, drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis can provide conditions for stable and quality potency.

Preparations on the basis of Sildenafil (Viagra generics)

Those are the most famous blue pills that are familiar to men all over the world. Generics of Viagra mostly chose older people. In part because of their great popularity, in part because of the short effect – you have time to enjoy and not have to get tired too much. Detailed description, contraindications, and taking features you can find at online pharmacies that carry out the free sale of these drugs.

Preparations on the basis of Tadalafil (Generics of Cialis)

Clients of online pharmacies generics of Cialis are in high demand. Although they start to act in about a a half hour or one hour after ingestion, but their effect last for 36 hours, and in some patients up to two days.

Do you want to ensure an excellent weekend? – no problem, take just one pill and it will allow you to forget about the problems and enjoy impetuous and passionate sex. Do you want to make a sexual marathon – Generic Cialis is exactly what you need. Want to satisfy several girlfriends? – in this case Generic Cialis is also the best choice. Cialis – for those who are young at heart.

Preparations based on Vardenafil (Generics of Levitra)

Unlike other drugs, Vardenafil is highly selective inhibitor. This means that it will act even when Viagra is not effective. And the probability of occurrence of side effects when taking Generic Levitra is much lower. Besides that Vardenafil begins to act 20 (!) minutes after ingestion, it is compatible with alcohol and its effect lasts about 8 hours, i.e. actually during the whole night. Who expects to spend a stormy night after
a club party, do not hesitate to choose Levitra. Before use read contraindications.


Viagra is one of the best-known medications of all times. Almost every adult male in America heard about it and can say how it works. From the very beginning of the appearance of Viagra in 1998, Bob Dole, the former presidential candidate of the Republican Party, spoke as the supporter of this drug.

At that time the production of counterfeit pills increased, and jokes about Viagra became a permanent feature of American pop culture. What is so special about the “little blue pill”? It quite simply, it helps to man who taking it to reach erection.

How Viagra do it? And why it works only when man is excited? If we touched this theme we need to say what in the first place affects erection? In this article we will answer these and many other questions.
This is a fascinating story; it will talk about the structure of the human body and about methods that scientists use to control its separate parts with use of grugs. In the case of Viagra such effect is observed on penis.


For many people talk about genital is unpleasant. This part of body is not discussed in public (at least, not in the decent society). However, the penis performs a specific function in the organism, and we will treat it just at this point. There are two tasks with which he must deal:

  • urination (voiding);
  • ejaculation (release of semen);

Viagra is designed to solve the second problem. When the man’s body is working properly ejaculation represents a three-stage process that includes:

  • sexual arousal;
  • erection as response to stimulation;
  • ejaculation as a result of stimulation of the penis.

Sounds enough simple, but in many cases, the second stage is not attainable, and after it the third stage is also impossible. Even with a stimulation, an erection may not occur. To find out why it happens, it is necessary to understand the process of erection.


If you decide move any part of your body, you do it with the help of muscles. When you wiggle your arms and legs fingers, hands and feet, muscle do their job properly. Even when you show your language to someone you do this with the help of muscles:

  • you think about moving parts of the body;
  • appropriate muscles contract;
  • limb moves.

Muscles allow us to transfer our body while controlling the moving. However, in the erection process muscle contraction do not participate, for this is used the pressure. Perhaps the most simple way to show it is to illustrate this process with the help of a balloon. If you let the air out of the ball it will become sluggish.

Once you inflate it again, the ball will stretch and become elastic and rigid. The penis consists ot the corpus cavernosum, in cells of which during erection the blood is delayed. Thus, a state of penis is change depending on blood flow:

  • when the arteries that bring blood to the cavernous bodies are somewhat constricted, while the veins that carry outflow of blood are expanded, there are no erection;
  • when a man is excited, the arteries are dilated so that blood under pressure could quickly fill the cavernous bodies and veins are narrowed and the penis comes into a state of erection.

If the arteries that provide blood flow to the penis do not expand, an erection is impossible. This is the main cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). To solve the problem of erectile dysfunction in cases where its cause is a bad circulation it is necessary to expand arteries. Let’s see how this can be done and how it was done until release of Viagra.

Before the invention of Viagra men were injected with some medications. The first real breakthrough in the fight against erectile dysfunction was in 1983. Until that time it was believed that the inability to achieve an erection has primarily psychological nature. This concept collapsed at a meeting of the American Urological Association in Las Vegas (1983), when Dr. Giles Brindley introduced himself a preparation about which he gave a lecture, and then lowered his pants to show to the incredulous audience of one of the first
erections caused by medication.

How does Ventolinum atcs? – the same drug. It causes muscle relaxation. There are several types of muscle tissue, scientists distinguish:

  • skeletal muscles;
  • heart muscle;
  • smooth muscles (in blood vessels, intestines and stomach) that act involuntarily.

These smooth muscles play a key role in the erection, and phentolamine is a drug that causes relaxation of smooth muscles. In 1983, the reason why the injection of phentolamine caused an erection, especially interested urologists, because no one thought about it before. That’s what happened then to Brindley:

Arteries of his penis were narrowed and continued to hold the blood from entering the covernosa bodies;
after injection he made the smooth muscles in the walls of the arteries of his penis relaxed and expanded;
blood began to flow into the erectile tissues, blood pressure increased, that leaded to an instant erection.

Since the mid 1980s, the introduction of the drug that relaxes smooth muscles, has become for men the only way to solve erectile dysfunction problem. Viagra make this process much easier: its effect is similar to the effect of phentolamine, but in this case the man does not have to do the injection.

Another advantage of Viagra front of injection of phentolamine is that it causes an erection only when the man is in a state of sexual arousal. Phentolamine, contrary, leads to immediate and uncontrolled erection. Why an action of these pills is applied only to smooth muscle of the penis and not to the entire orgamism, and only when a person is excited? Only a clear understanding of how the blood flow works in the
organism can help you to find answers to these questions.


To understand how is produced a drug that acts specifically on the smooth muscle of the penis, it is worth think about circulation in our body. It is only one pump in it – the heart. However, different parts of body in the same time have to receive different amounts of blood.

For example if you run a marathon, your body needs to send more blood to the muscles of your arms and legs, that can lead to a reduction of the amount of the blood that enters, for example, in the stomach (or other unused parts of body at the moment) in order to conserve oxygen. In other words, our heart needs a set of valves that it can use to increase and decrease blood flow to certain parts of the body, and our brain needs a way to control them. A control mechanism of these valves has a chemical nature:

  • The brain sends a signal to a particular nerve fiber. It ends with a neural cell in the artery proximal to the site where should be altered blood flow;
  • These nerve cells produce nitric oxide, which enters the bloodstream and the surrounding cells;
  • Nitric oxide stimulates the production of the enzyme by neighboring cells, this enzyme contributes to the development of a special substance;
  • under the influence of which the smooth muscles that line the wall of the artery relax, resulting in enhanced blood flow.


Viagra is a medication that brought their creators an extraordinary success. That is why It is not surprising that other pharmaceutical companies want to grab a piece of that glory. Thus were developed new chemicals and created two new drugs: Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil).

Cialis and Levitra work in the same way as Viagra: helping men who have problems with maintaining an erection due to problems with the blood flow, and acting only when a man is sexually excited. As the basis for the action of these medications are different chemicals, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have some differences. For example:

Cialis can cause muscle pain and back pain in some patients (for Levitra or Viagra this side effect is not typical). The action of Viagra lasts for about four hours, while Levitra retains in the blood for five hours.

Cialis remains in the body much longer (it has a 17.5 hour half-life) and thus may be effective more than a day. For this reason, Cialis, as expected, quite soon will replace Viagra out of the market. What is its nickname? “A weekend pill”.

Cialis starts acting faster than Viagra or Levitra – about 15 minutes after taking. According to some reports, fatty food has an impact on the effect of Viagra and Levitra in the organism, but on the effectiveness of
Cialis its use does not affect. At the stage of development there are many new drugs.


All drugs, which will be discussed in this article belong to a group of PDE-5 inhibitors. They do not have a direct relaxing effect on smooth muscle of cavernosa bodies, but enhance erectile physiological response to NO from the part of the body after sexual stimulation. Therefore the erection itself after taking a pill does not occur. For the appearance of an erection man should be excited. Drugs of this group will not help in the case of decreased libido but show excellent results in the treatment of impotence.

You can enumerate many advantages of PDE-5 inhibitors, their high efficiency in solving problems with erection, high safety and tolerability, but let’s look at their main advantages and disadvantages.

If you decided to buy sildenafil (Viagra and its generics)

Sildenafil starts to act after approximately 40 minutes, and is effective for 4-5 hours. This fact leads to the necessity of the planning of sexual intercourse, that excludes its spontaneity and naturalness. Besides that sildenafil works best at fasting. Food, especially fatty, reduces the effect of this medication. The use of alcohol is also not recommended.

Of all the patients were taking sildenafil, 20% were resistant to its action. The reasons for this stability are still unknown.

If you decided to buy Tadalafil (Cialis and its generics)

Tadalafil begins to act a little later then sildenafil, after about 50-60 minutes after taking the pill, and the maximum drug concentration in the blood is only in 2 hours. The half-life of this medication is 17.5 hours. For 36 hours patients will get all conditions for obtaining a good erection.

This will allow you to add to sex some romance, spontaneity and saturation. However, side effects (headache, heartburn, back pain) can last during the action of the drug – 36 hours or more. The pharmacokinetics of tadalafil does not depends on eating or drinking alcohol. A long period of drug withdrawal from the body imposes restrictions on the reception frequency. It is not recommended the daily use of tadalafil to avoid accumulation.

If you decided to buy Vardenafil (Levitra and its generics)

This drug has almost no disadvantages of the two previous drugs. Its action begins in about 15-20 minutes,
and the maximum concentration of active ingredient in the blood is reached after 30 minutes after its ingestion. The effect of taking the drug lasts for about 8 hours.

Due to its high selectivity, vardenafil is safest among others preparations of PDE-5 inhibitors group – only 3.7% of patients stopped taking the drug because of its side effects, among them the most frequent are headache and flushing. It acts excellent regardless of the eating meal or drinking alcohol. Vardenafil could help even those patients who were resistant to sildenafil.

The course of treatment

Many clients of online pharmacies ask advice on taking drugs. The most effective course of treatment with inhibitors PDE-5 can prescribe only a specialist after a detailed study of the clinical picture of erectile dysfunction, it causes and features. Therefore it is strongly recommended to consult with urologist, anlrolog, sexologist to determine the treatment course and its further adjustments, if needed. Nevertheless, we can publish the results of research on the effectiveness of these drugs.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Were conducted research on effective treatment of erectile dysfunction with the use of therapeutic methods, sildenafil and tadalafil. The study included men from 25 to 65 years, with various degrees of erectile dysfunction caused by different reasons.

The course of therapy consisted of sildenafil starting with 100 mg. (one pill) and tadalafil starting from 20 mg. (one pill) with further dose adjustments 2-3 times a week during 6 months.

Efficacy was evaluated by an increase in the indicator of “erectile function” of the international test of 3 points or achievement target of 26 points.

The test results showed the greatest efficiency of tadalafil (Cialis and its generics) – 81.3%. Sildenafil (Viagra and its generics) was effective at 77.8%.

In the age of 35 Sildenafil and Tadalafil were equally effective, and in the age group after 55 years Tadalafil was significantly more effective.

With regard to the treatment of Vardenafil, it turned out to be effective in 81.5%, even with treatment of taking medication for 3 months.

Treatment with Vardenafil (Levitra) was generally well tolerated. Side effects in the form of headache, hot flushes, nasal congestion and dispersion were observed with administration of a dose of 20 mg., lasted for several tens of minutes to 1.5 hours and as a rule were not the cause of the treatment discontinuation.

When choosing a specific preparation you should consider your sexual habits. If it is not important the romantic component of the date, a combination of drug with meals or alcohol, then it is better to choose Sildenafil. And if you need a fast result, and do not want to limit yourself in food or alcohol, then more appropriate would be the choice of would Vardenafil. And if you love spontaneous sex or want to pamper yourself with a morning sex after a rich night, Tadalafil will be the best solution.


One of the main conditions of a harmonious and long family life is the physical and sexual health of men. Therefore, the health must be carefully monitored every day: because we know that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat it. But if you nevertheless have find symptoms of erectile dysfunction, do not despair and give up!

To cope with this disease today is released a large number of different kinds of drugs, but, as shown by statistics, one of the best in this area is Viagra, that is a product of pharmaceutical company Pfizer (USA).

Leading specialists of this company created “Viagra” especially for men suffering from week impotence or its absence. Viagra is a medication with rhomboid shaped tablets of blue color and released with doses of 25 mg – 100 mg. It is not recommended to take “Viagra” without the advice of a qualified doctor.

Description of the preparation. Directions for use “Viagra” is a medication developed by American leading company in the pharmaceutical industry “Pfizer” in 90 years for the treatment of angina. During research experts have found the following interesting fact, the so-called “side effect” – the appearance of persistent erection in men. A few years later, in 1996, “Viagra” was patented as a medicament for the treatment of impotence in men.

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction is a disorders of some menВґs specific sexual functions. The most common causes of these disorders are psychological and physiological disorders, stress and problems with health. In some cases, impotence occurs on a background of diabetes, nervous system disorders and hypogonadismus.

In these cases, “Viagra” is not very effective and is generally not prescribed. “Viagra” medication in its chemical composition relates to inhibitors of phosphodiesterase. They relax the smooth muscles of the penis
whereby nothing prevents the flow of blood, and hence the erection improves.

It is necessary to remember about the side effects when taking “Viagra”, such as indigestion, severe headaches, perspiration and facial rednes. It is not recommended to take “Viagra” with drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, in particular angina pectoris, since their simultaneous taking may cause a sharp decrease of pressure.

And once again weВґll mention the fact that, than you start to take “Viagra” you should get advice of the doctor that is competent in this area. The uncontrolled taking of this drug can have a bad effect on your health!

Some features for taking “Viagra”

The tablet is taken 60 min. before sexual intercourse. It is important that the drug begins to act no earlier than in 1 hour. During the sexual arousal thr effect of the medication can last up to 4 hours. This medication is taken before meals, as after hearty and fatty foods the effect of the drug begins much later. “Viagra” is taken 1 tab. 1 time per day and no more than after next 24. hours.

We should not forget that the drug is not a sexual stimulator, and it will not cause an erection in cases where there is no sex excitation.

Below are marked the factors that cause impotence in men:

– psychological disorders;
– use of drugs;
– stress and depressed mood;
– insecurity in itself and “fear” of sex;
– alcohol addiction.

In addition, it may be a disorder of the endocrine system, overweight and diabetes. Vascular disorders such as atherosclerosis, caused due to smoking, high cholesterol in the blood, venous obstruction in the small arteries of pelvis, and vascular lesions of the reproductive system – are also often the cause of impotence.

Some physiological changes of the body:

– curvature of the penis;
– the inflammation and effects of inflammation of the reproductive system.

Neurological disorders:

– sclerosis;
– parkinson’s disease;
– stroke and others.

Substances that can produce impotence

With frequent and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol is disrupted the normal functioning of the liver. The changes are the main cause which affects the metabolism and the amount of male hormones, that in its turn, affect the erection.

Smoking and nicotine – another common cause of lack of potency in men. When nicotine enters the blood, small vessels constrict, including vessels penetrating male reproductive system, thereby appers the erectile dysfunction.

Drugs and depression associated with a reduction of the dose of drug addicts are also the cause of impotence in men. Besides that it may be a different kind of medications, the taking of which provokes side effects that affect sexual function.


All of you probably heard about the drug that has the ability to solve man’s problems with potency. The name of this miracle drug is “Viagra”. To date this is the most popular drug. It is considered that Viagra can help man to solve his sexual problems.

In fact, Viagra is a drug, but not a remedy for impotence. The point is that this drug helps to get rid of only one form of impotence. In this form of impotence occurs violation of blood flow in the vessels. Improving the work of vessels, Viagra restores erection.

But if we talk about increasing sexual power, there are a lot of non-pharmaceutical products for this. For example, the same alcohol. But in use of alcohol, the most important is not to drink too much. Otherwise, the excessive use of alcohol, can make you lose the potency that you already have.

By the way to increase a sexual desire and potency you can drink black coffee. Coffee should be necessarily ground, natural and not soluble, which as coffee is considered only conditionally. On person who rarelydrink coffee this drink acts as a sexual stimulant.

But let us return, however, to the subject of our conversation – Viagra. At first we will introduce you to the common opinion of the people about Viagra, well then we will listen to outside opinion. This medication comes in the form of tablets. Its taking improves, as we already have said, the blood flow, so it becomes easier to achieve an erection.

Also should be said that Viagra is effective only in the case of an existing sexual desire. It is believed that Viagra is completely harmless drug and it can be used even by persons with diseases of the cardiovascular system. But in any case it is necessary to consult a doctor.

The fact is that impotence can occur due to other diseases, such as diabetes. In this case, the effective treatment of diabetes can return you your health and virility. And will disappear the need to use Viagra. Viagra is usually taken one tablet a day.

Take this medication you need about half an hour before sex as it takes effect within 30 minutes after administration. It is effective for 5 hours.

Although Viagra is considered a harmless medication, but nevertheless there are some indications against its use. Viagra is strictly prohibited to use after myocardial infarction. Also do not take it after a stroke. In both of these cases is forbidden to take Viagra not less than for 6 months.

Viagra should not be taken in combination with medications. What which of them will determine your attending doctor. Also Viagra can not be used with limited physical activity. It is limited its taking with ulcer, liver diseases and some other diseases.

In some cases, your doctor may increase the dose of Viagra that you are taking, or to reduce it. As we have already said, it is believed that this active medication is safe and can be used by men of any age. But we will mention another one contraindication.

Do not take Viagra if you can not tolerate certain components of this drug. And one more thing. You should take Viagra with caution if you have any abnormalities in the structure of penis. In this case it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

By the way, only a doctor after examination can decide whether it is necessary to take Viagra or not, or if it is necessary to use other methods of treatment. So there is a strong opinion that Viagra is almost a panacea for the treatment of impotence and increase of the male potency.

Now weВґll briefly talk about another thing, – the opposite opinion. The first observation is the following: Viagra is a medication. If there is no sexual desire Viagra does not help. There have been some deaths cases during the unauthorized taking of Viagra. The fact is that Viagra interacts with several drugs, such as drugs prescribed at angina.

Often when taking Viagra at the same time with these medications very serious complications can occur.
Not long ago, the Italians have made studies on the application of Viagra and found the following. Nine people of hundred considere this remedy ineffective, and two people from one hundred refused to take this medication, because they are afraid of possible complications caused by it.

And in the United States is Viagra is generally considered ineffective drug. Such a conclusion made american experts after research that were made in the country. As a result it turned out that 68 people of a hundred prefer to Viagra the use of other drugs. But these conclusions of Italian and American specialists have to be taken with caution as these studies ordered firms that are competitors of manufacturers of Viagra.


Sex is an integral part of life of any normal person, which occupies an important role in it. We have sex not only in the interest of procreation. Most often it is used for the sake of pleasure (orgasm), frequently is a manipulator, conciliator in a quarrel or “separator” in betrayal.

What to hide, a man likes to have sex, but comes a moment that all the men are afraid of – “I could not”. In his eyes there is deep-seated fear, in his mind is scrolled this moment and it seems that life is over. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by different factors, not only the age, but also fatigue, psychological stress, problems in relations, negative environment and much more.

The man always wants to be a man, that is why his erection should be “on demand”. But what to do if a partner ceased to excite as much as before, but man still wants to please her? One of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world, «Pfizer» in 1992 created a miracle cure “Sildenafil” better known as “Viagra”. Everyone knows about the pills which are also called “blue dream of macho.”

After a few years with this drug were lined all the shelves in pharmacies of USA, Great Britain, Australia and Canada. Viagra is a drug that increase potency and also helps men to cope with erectile dysfunction. From the Latin «erectus» that means “standing upright”, Erections – “Increase of the volume and hardening of the penis as a result of filling its cavernous bodies with blood”.

Viagra has become a savior for thousands of men and their sexual partners. Erectile dysfunction (for whatever reason it appeared) not so acutely worries male population, because Viagra helps to cause an erection a natural way, increasing blood flow to the penis.

An erection can be:
– spontaneous – often occurs during sleep;
– reflexive – occurs in response to the touch;
– psychogenic – may be caused by thoughts of erotic content.

Viagra especially helps with erectile dysfunction which is based on a physiological problem enclosed in vascular disorders. With other disorders its effectiveness is not so great. Do not think that Viagra is a panacea for all occasions. There is no need to run to the drugstore and buy blue pills.

At first consult a doctor (urologist or sexologist). We must remember that Viagra is a chemical preparation, which has its indications and contraindications. Such pills can help in one place and harm the other.

Before releasing the drug on the market «Pfizer» made numerous tests for men from 19 to 85 years old.
Because initially Viagra was created as a medication to improve blood flow in the myocardium, for the treatment of coronary heart disease and angina.

Studies have shown – when drug is properly used, results exceed all expectations. Side effects usually are associated with disregard for instructions or advice of a doctor. The most important rule that exists for all medicines – they can not be used with alcohol.

Viagra should be taken on an empty stomach one hour before sexual intercourse, because it is not compatible with some products of fast digestibility. Also the use of fatty food slows the pharmacological action of these pills and the reaction may occur only in 1.5-3 hours after taking the medication.

Despite the fact that Viagra can be applied to men under the age of 85 years, there are a number of physiological limitations. “Blue pill” can never be applied to people with cardiovascular disease (angina, myocardial infarction), with cerebral circulatory disorders or mental capacity disorder. The risk group also includes patients with anatomical deformation of penis, multiple myeloma, leukemia, sickle cell anemia and of course Viagra can not be used by children.

Such medicines as cimetidine, nitroglitsirin, erythromyci, nitrosorbid or ketoconazole reduce the elimination of medication from organism, and the combination of Viagra with nitrates may result in death. But do not fear this much. Compliance with instructions reduces the risk of side effects.

“The Blue dream of macho” carry out a coup not only in medicine, but also in the lives of many men and women. Not for nothing its founders in 1998 received the Nobel Prize. However, we must not forget that Viagra affects the physiological processes of the organism, but 80% of success depends on sexual desire that you are experiencing. Viagra only helps in difficult moments of life, but it will never be able to return one hundred percent health.

It needs to be protected from an early age and you should never lose harmony with yourself. We wish you always be healthy!


Before you buy a lot of drugs (Levitra, Cialis, Viagra) for erectile dysfunction treatment, we recommend you to understand the causes of your problems. Go to the doctor, consult on all questions concerning erectile dysfunction. In the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, as well as all over the world erectile dysfunction is becoming a popular disease, we can say that it is a disease of our days. Depending on the complexity of the disease, Viagra/Sildenafil, Levitra/Vardenafil, Cialis/Tadalafil or have a positive effect or become useless.

Viagra is a medicament, so in the local pharmacies of USA, Great Britain, Australia and Canada, it is possible to buy it only by a doctor’s prescription. Online pharmacies solve this problem and can make delivery of Viagra, Levitra, Cialis almost to any country without a prescription.

Such a method is relevant if problems with impotence have temporary nature and linked to psychological disorders. In other cases, it is necessary to see a doctor. These drugs have side effects, carefully read the instructions for these drugs.

Under impotence is understand an inability to keep the penis in a necessary state during erection, and also weakens libido – the sexual attraction. If in a few months, there is inability to get an erection or the inability to hold erection, then there is a suspicion of the erectile dysfunction disease.

Men start to get sick with erectile dysfunction when pass to older age, but the most susceptible to this disease are men after 60 years. To this disease men usually do not pay much attention so they think that this is the result of aging of an organism or the result of overwork and stress. If you try to treat yourself, it may cause more progressive disease.

Erectile dysfunction can occur in every man who has reached puberty. But, as was mentioned above, more often it manifests itself in men of mature age, as they are more exposed to such diseases as diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension. Also contributes to the progress of this disease overweight, smoking, too much alcohol and sedentary lifestyle, taking some drugs for the treatment of certain chronic diseases, depression, and also of great importance are suffered psychological and neurological disorders.

LetВґs see what constitutes an erection. Erection – is when a man’s penis increases in volume and becomes very resilient. In the process of erection three systems are involved – this is the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system, muscles of blood vessels that exist in the penis.

Increasing the blood flow to the penis and lowering the outflow leads to an erection. The disease occurs when one of the above mentioned systems fails and starts to function incorrectly. Doctors say that the disease may have different causes. Erectile dysfunction can be psychological, organic and mixed.

If a man is haunted by the fear of the the need of sexual intercourse, his sleep is disturbed, he feels fatigue, then it is a psychological erectile dysfunction and it is quite possible that drugs like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis could help you. This disease can also occur from a frequent use of alcohol. Of course, one can not swing out a man’s age. Older men has a reduced level of testosterone, low sensitivity of the nervous system, reduced rate of blood flow in the genital bodies.

But, despite the age, all this should not affect the erection of man, if only he had not various chronic diseases, which is the main and the principal cause of the problem of erectile dysfunction. On consultation at the doctor is talked about the patient’s condition and history of the origin of his disease.

The doctor determines by the stories of the patient, when the disease started, how long it lasts, and what led to it. Also is good to talk with both sex partners. Then the man should examine genitals and take a blood test.

You can talk about you past or present chronic diseases. Sometimes, for a complete picture of the disease doctor may prescribe additional and more sophisticated research. Treatment can be prescribed complex and pathogenic, which is aimed at eliminate the cause of disease.

If a patient suffers a chronic disease, then primarily he will need to cure it. The treatment of the disease is aimed for the normalization of the psychological state, it uses stimulants. If the patient has very depressed psyche, he may need the psychosexual therapy.

The treatment can be carried out by various means such as adaptogens, and also can be used biogenic stimulators, vitamins, amino acids, herbal remedies and other methods, but they do not give a very high percentage of effectiveness. More effective are considered specific oral medications, like Viagra. Such medication are of great effectiveness in treatment and affect the central and peripheral system.

Another very effective method is the intrauretral intracavernosal therapy. Also effective is considered a vascular surgery that alters the flow of blood that flows into the penis, through the creation of arterial anastomosis or ligation of veins. After the operation is carried out the treatment with drugs.

If all of the above methods do not help, then the patient is offered the penile prosthesis. They are made of quality materials and install so that the “artificial penis” is difficult to distinguish from the real. For this the patient needs to take psychological treatment and training.

To date, for a complete solution of erection problem, prosthesis is a method that can completely eliminate it even in the most complex patient.


The Viagra drug is one of the solutions of man’s problems. Among the drugs Levitra and Cialis, – Viagra is the most popular in the US, Great Britain, Australia and Canada. At the moment, the theme of male impotence is not enough discussed, but still exists. According to the statistics, erectile dysfunction (impotence) occurs in half of men of all the earth whose age has passed for 33 years.

The man who has this illness, often does not want to ask for help, which could give him specialists in this sphere. He considers it is above his manhood and thinks it is an incurable disease. Erectile dysfunction is a condition of the organism, in which a man can not achieve an erection or for enough long time restrain it for the duration of sexual intercourse.

But if a man is not sufficiently aware of this disease and is sure that no one can help him, then such psychological condition can lead to a negative situation in his family, to scandals and end up with severe depression. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be two groups of factors: a factor of organic origin and factor derived from human psychological state of a person.

Erectile dysfunction derived from organic matter, may bring disease, inflammation of the genitourinary system (cystitis, pyelonephritis, epididymitis, prostatitis, paraproctitis, etc.), endocrine diseases (such as diabetes, various hormonal disruption), and complications that may occur during long-term pharmacotherapy, spinal and urinary system injuries, the operations of organs located in the pelvis.

To psychological factors may include various stress and depressive situations, family conflicts and quarrels, and also extreme fatigue in the workplace. If a man drinks alcohol in large quantities and in addition smokes, can also easily be subjected to erectile dysfunction. There are also sexual impotence mixed groups, they can occur quite often.

Symptoms of male sexual impotence is a weakening erection or its absence, in which sexual intercourse is not possible at all. Of course, the earlier a man ask for help from a specialist in this field, the sooner will start his treatment of erectile dysfunction, he will quickly get rid of this problem and begin to live a full sexual life.

But sometimes happens that the man go to the doctor later, and the disease is already getting quite prolonged. Such a person can get help, the most important is that he realized his disease. In order to treat sexual dysfunction originated by the organic causes of circulatory disorders in the external genitals are used PDE-5 blockers.

These blockers include Viagra. Viagra is used for impotence that occurs due to psychological, organic or confounding factors. This blocker is released in tablets of suitable shape. The action of this drug occurs as follows: the blood flow to the penile increases and due an erection appears.

Many believe that Viagra is the so-called exciter, but it is not. Its application must be started only on prescription of a doctor, but before that you should pass a thorough examination by specialists of narrow profile, such as a urologist and sexologist. Also, before use this drug, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist and therapist, and if they consider it necessary, examine the heart and lungs.

The use of Viagra is quite simple, you need to take one pill of this drug one hour before sexual intercourse. The maximum use of Viagra during the day is 100 mg. Everything will depend on how your organism will tolerate and perceive this medication. Also, the prescription of this drug will depend on how hard proceeds the disease.

Viagra starts to act in half an hour and the continuation of its action on the male organism can last for about 4 hours. If you take this drug before a meal, then it will start to act much earlier. It is strictly forbidden to use this drug if a man has deformed penis, a low level of platelets in the blood, frequent bleeding, patient liver, hypertension, gastric ulcer in the acute form, leukemia or anemia.

If a man will emerge unstable angina, arrhythmia or cardiovascular failure, Viagra can not be used, because its use can bring a man to myocardial infarction. There are cases when a man suffers a stroke or heart attack, then the use of Viagra is strictly forbidden for six months. If a man takes the drug for enough long time or his organism can not tolerate Viagra, then he may have side effects of this drug – headache, muscles hypertonicity, and so on.

Now technology stepped forward and medicine is constantly develops, it will find a cure that will help man to recover its former sexual power. One of these drugs is Viagra, so treat erectile dysfunction in our time is possible. The main thing is not to ignore your problem and solve it as soon as possible.


Besides Viagra / Sildenafil which is so popular in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, there are two more that are popular all over the world: Levitra / Vardenafil and Cialis / Tadalafil. Levitra was developed after all of these drugs, but it in no way inferior to their  competitors, and the most important is that it contains the least amount of side effects. He is just gaining its popularity. The need for sex for human by its power is the same as need for sleep and food. The ancient Greeks considered sex as a necessary component to save the
youth. Childbearing os not the only function and purpose of the relation in the union of two people of different sexes. Regular sexual activity, not only lift spirits, but, what is important, contribute to the improvement of mental and emotional  background and health. Any violations in the intimate sphere increase tension and, in best case are unpleasant. In worst case threaten to a large number of problems with health, that also negatively affects creative and daily activities of men.

If a man has problems with erection, in the first place he blames himself. His fear arises waiting for new insolvency. As these violations are repeated more and more times, they make a man feel old, incapable not only of intimacy, but also raise doubts as to the viability of  themselves as male fertility successor. The man is left alone with his problems, that inevitably leads to nervous disorders and serious  psychological complexes. In young men this problem causes confusion. They hesitate to meet with doctors, panic, self-medicate, thereby increasingly moving away from the solution of the problem. Mature men think that came their old age. Some men meet this fact with calm: old age, nor anywhere to go. Other in panic run to the doctor or suffer in silence. Erectile dysfunction is such as a disease as any other disease of organism.


Penis – is ringed by muscles urethra. Muscle tissue receives energy from the incoming blood. In the quiescent state the penis is as if were in the folded state. It is not big in size, short and soft. When the attention gets sexually attractive object, the brain sends a command to excitation. Penis is filled with blood, increase in size, rises. If during sexual contact penis is held in this position until the end of act, it means that a man is in order, and thare’s nothing to worry about.

Erection disappears during the act before it’s end, and not once – then it makes sense to be examined by a doctor, pass tests, consult a psychologist or sexologist. Do not worry if your doctor will prescribe you a medication. The main thing is not to lose the desire to regain virility.

In addition to medical treatment, it is useful to use a suitable tool for such cases – “Viagra”. The creation of this preparation is a pure accident. The work was done on the development of drug for cardiovascular diseases. However result exceeded all expectations precisely in the sexual sphere. The advantage of this preparation is that its efficacy is achieved regardless of the problem that caused the dysfunction. Like any drug “Viagra” has not only indications, but also contraindications.

Who can not use this unique drug:

– cancer patients;
– people with diseases and deformation of the penis;
– patients who suffer from cancer of the bone marrow;
– patients with sickle cell anemia.

Is necessary to consult men who suffer from such diseases as:

– hemophilia;
– a stomach ulcer;
– retinitis pigmentosa.

However, if treatment is started and you take other drugs that enhance potency, is better not to take “Viagra”. It is not recommended to take “Viagra” more than one pill a day. When you take “Viagra” add a visit to the gym. Sexually active life, as well as sports is the best way from malice, a guarantee of good mental and physical health. When you faced with the problem of erectile dysfunction, it is not necessary to withdraw into yourself.

Talk with your partner, try new poses, sex toys. Remember, erection occurs when the muscle tissue of the penis is filled with blood. The best remedy to remove stagnation is movement. Visit sport section, run, make long brisk walk.

Live a life full of movement. Thus, you will not only improve your physical form, feel the taste of life, but also will recede depression, and a fresh mind solves problems easier. And such a wonderful tool as “Viagra” will be your indispensable assistant for a time that you will need to get out of the state of uncertainty, a sense of premature old age. If a romantic evening is waiting for you, take a pill about an hour before sexual intercourse. It will start to provide its effect at the first signs of sexual arousal. Be calm and confident to youself. And you you will succeed!


Every man can say for sure that his success, his mood and health is conditioned by the desire to satisfaction and love of his beloved women. But unfortunately not every man in the world, including the young men, has the ability to get the joy of intimacy with a woman physically, because he is physically not able to perform the act of love. Usually, erectile dysfunction, called erectile dysfunction, brought justifiable suffering for millions of men. To understand what is able to cause this dysfunction, it is necessary to understand the physiology of origin of male erectile dysfunction. Fortunately for men was developed a drug called Viagra / Sildenafil.

About the occurrence of erection

To penis worked fine and at the right time it should be well stocked with blood and take the necessary incoming nerve signals. The first condition is realized by a pair of arteries, and nerves are located at the sides of vein which is located behind the penis. And when a man’s penis is erect – is an impressive show. It may seem as if erection is caused by muscle tension. But this opinion is wrong because in the male penis there are no muscles. The responsibility of persistent erection is on cavernous bodies that resemble cells.
During the relaxation of penis, the blood is not received by cavernous bodies. When a man is in a state of sexual  excitement, then sent by the brain to the end of nerves signals expand vessels and the penis fills with blood.


Normally this word is referred to a condition where a man is not arousal during erection. Such a diagnosis was put for men in not so distant past, which came to the doctor and complained of intermittent or complete absence of erection or just on a bad act of love. And of course such inaccurate diagnosis leaded to inaccurate treatment. Today many violations have a different name, they are called erectile dysfunction.

About the relevance of men’s problems

According to the testimony of inexorable medical statistics, almost a quarter of all men who are over forty years old, is concerned about some erectile dysfunction. Although these data canВґte called accurate, because of shyness, not every man will discuss with his doctor details of their sexual life. Many men feel quite bearable their sexual life despite of violations that occur during intercourse.

About the main cause of erectile dysfunction

The main causes are several:

Psychological violations. These include such problems as depressed mood, overreliance on alcohol, dependence on drugs, bad knowledge of sexual techniques or a fear of being untenable in bed. Disorders of hormonal sphere: obesity, diabetes and other disorders of the sphere. Problems with blood vessels. Problems due to diabetes or high cholesterol in the vessels of the penis, the problems due to injury to the arteries in the small pelvis, vascular disease in the penis. Change of penis in physiological plan. This can be
curvature of the penis, the consequences of any type of inflammation of penis, once transferred.

About substances that have negative effect on erection

With frequent drinking of alcoholic drinks is disturbed the function of the liver, that contributes to a violation of the customary exchange of male hormones that control erection. When nicotine is injected into the blood it promotes vasoconstriction, including those that are located in the penis. Result of this becomes a violation of male erectile function. When man has a drug dependence, while he not taking a dose begins a depression that leads to impotence. Also lead to erectile dysfunction side effects of some medications.


To the great delight of men, is developed a wonderful drug that acts against erectile dysfunction. The drug is released only in form of tablets which are taken by ingestion. Sildenafil citrate is the most active component of such wonder drug. It is extremely easy to use this drug. Just drink one blue tablet when planned sexual relationship, and thats it.


This medicine is helping to bring increased blood flow to the penis and produce a persistent erection. A feature of this drug is that it  act only when man is in the excited state. Penis after the end of the act of love is relaxing. The secret of the impressive popularity of such preparation is that it stimulates natural processes of erection. Safety and capacity of this drug have proved numerous tests.


You have to take a pill an hour before a potential sex. Action of this drugs will take effect in half an hour or in an hour. If you will be excited the duration of action of the drug will last up to four hours. Is better to take this medicine on an empty stomach, because after a fatty meal its action will be later. Is better not to take Viagra more than once during the whole day. Be sure to remember that Viagra is not a sexual agent, and if a man is not in the excited state, taking this drug simply will not cause an erection. If you have decided to take Viagra, the consultation with a doctor will be necessary because this medicine is not recommended
for those who have heart problems.